HGH Reviews

Leading HGH Replacement Products Reviewed and Compared

According to researchers, HGH levels begin to drop around the age of 30. As the years pass, HGH levels continue to decline until they bottom out after losing about 80%. As our bodies adapt to reduced HGH, we suffer from the problems associated with aging: weight gain, lower energy levels, loss of muscle and bone mass, lack of mental clarity, diminished immune system, decayed vision, decreased flexibility – the list goes on and on.

Scientists have proven a direct correlation between declining HGH levels and increased symptoms of aging. In other words, by raising HGH levels available in the body you actually reduce the symptoms of aging. Human growth hormone is the key to regaining your youth. The reasons for wanting to raise your HGH levels are obvious – however, there are only a few techniques for actually putting HGH to work in your body.

We have analyzed and compared the leading HGH products. The results are displayed in the chart below. Note that we’ve studied the products themselves, including formulation, quantity of active ingredients, ingredient quality, guarantee, customer service and ease of use. We’ve also researched customer opinions and feedback on the individual products to compile this list. We hope you find this information useful. Follow the links in the chart below to learn more.

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Rank Product Review Website   Price Effectiveness Safety Guarantee Detailed Analysis


Ultra Edge XL Ultra Edge XL Free Trial 4r 10.00
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Nitro XL Nitro XL Free Trial 10
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Antler Force Antler Force $59.95 9.75
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GenFX GenFX $49.95 4r 4r 9.50
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HGH Energizer HGH Energizer $49.95 4r 4r 9.50
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GHR1000 GHR1000 $59.95 9.50
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Growth Tech Growth Tech $21.99 9.00
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Secretagogue Gold Secretagogue Gold $59.95 9.00
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ProBlen ProBlen $44.95 9.00
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Genf20 HGH Genf20 HGH $59.95 8.75
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Vital HGH Vital HGH $39.95 8.75
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Maximum Result Maximum Result $62.95 8.75
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HGH Gold HGH Gold $39.99 3 3 8.50
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HGH1000 HGH1000 $64.50 3 8.50
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HGH Release HGH Release $59.95 3 3 8.50
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HGH Surge HGH Surge $56.99 3 3 2 8.25
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Longevity HGH Longevity HGH $59.95 2 3 8.25
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Live Young Oral HGH Live Young Oral HGH $59.95 3 8.25
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Fountain of Youth HGH Complete Fountain of Youth HGH Complete $59.95 3 3 8.00
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HGH Dopa HGH Dopa $44.99 3 8.00
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Renewal HGH Original Renewal HGH Original $39.99 8.00
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Somnidren Somnidren $59.99 3 7.75
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Sytropin Sytropin $39.99 7.75
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Ultimate HGH 1000 Ultimate HGH 1000 $59.95 7.75
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Biogenica Biogenica $32.99 7.5
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HGH can be delivered directly into the body only through injections. This means visiting a doctor for a syringe full of synthetic (artificial) HGH 2-3 times per day. The price of this treatment ranges from $50-$100 per day. What’s worse, insurance will not cover this expense. Because this option is too expensive and inconvenient for most people, we focus on secretagogues or HGH releasers which stimulate the body to produce its own HGH.

HGH releasers: supplements or sprays?

The HGH molecule is too fragile to survive digestion and too large to be absorbed through the skin. Therefore, over-the-counter HGH products do not actually contain hormones. Instead, they contain ingredients that stimulate the body to create its own hormones. They are therefore less expensive and more convenient than HGH injections.

On the whole, we found that HGH sprays were less effective than supplements. We theorize that sprays are not consistently absorbed by the mucosal membranes in the mouth, delivering an inconsistent dosage of the active ingredient. Also sprays simply cannot deliver the same quantity of active ingredients. Anecdotally, we’ve heard reports of HGH sprays that tasted so bad that people spat them out rather than waiting for the spray to be absorbed. So supplements are generally the best way to go.