Ingredients in HGH Pills

When doing research on various options in the human growth hormone product market, cost and convenience are not the only concerns. Since each brand of HGH pills contains different combinations, concentrations and variations on different HGH ingredients, understanding what each ingredient is and what it does is imperative. One of the most common HGH ingredients found in HGH pills is an amino acid stack. While a shopper may understand that amino acid stacks are designed to stimulate the release of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland, knowing what each amino acid does is important as well. Not all HGH pills contain the same amino acid stacks, but below you'll find a description of some of the most common names you will see listed among HGH ingredients.


Glutamine is a popular amino acid supplement among bodybuilders, both professional and amateur alike. It is the most abundant amino acid found within the body. Glutamine is especially helpful with development of lean muscle mass, aiding in growth and speeding recovery time of muscle fibers after strenuous workouts. Studies have shown that after an intense workout, Glutamine levels in the body can drop as much as 50%, making it a popular ingredient in many health supplements. When included in HGH pills, Glutamine increases human growth hormone production by surprisingly significant amounts. It is fast acting, raising levels of human growth hormone in the body within 90 minutes, and causes no side effects. A proven and effective ingredient, HGH ingredients listed on bottles of HGH pills almost always include Glutamine when an amino acid stack is a portion of the active ingredients within the product.


Ornithine is another amino acid that aids in muscle development and growth, though not in the same way as Glutamine. Ornithine is produced in the body whenever it needs to eliminate excess urea from your bloodstream. At the same time, your body will also produce more insulin and growth factor hormones as a byproduct of the urea removal process. Since excess urea is usually a byproduct of weight training, the extra HGH production helps rebuild your muscles bigger and stronger. By promoting, even indirectly, the development of lean muscle mass, Ornithine helps to turn the body into a fat burning machine. Although Ornithine is not seen in all lists of HGH ingredients, it has shown positive results with moderate levels in dosage. Unlike Glutamine, however, Ornithine can have adverse side effects. When taken in massive doses, Ornithine may cause some gastrointestinal distress or discomfort. The amount of this HGH ingredient in common HGH pills is never so high as to induce such a reaction, though.


Arginine is a very important amino acid when it comes to muscle growth and repair. For starters, it's a precursor to Nitric Oxide, a well known vasodilator produced by the body when it needs to increase blood flow. Among other things, this helps your body by sending more blood and nutrients into your muscles. But when you supplement with Arginine and exercise, the benefits are multiplied. Some studies show that combining the two can increase HGH production by nearly 500%. This is a nearly 200% to 300% increase over supplementing and remaining sedentary.


Glycine is a highly effective amino acid when it comes to increasing blood serum levels of HGH. And there's good news for obese men who are just starting a diet and exercise program: the effectiveness of Glycine raising HGH is higher than in healthy individuals, according to the NCBI.


Valine is an essential amino acid which is vital to improving cognitive function. And when your brain is working at its best - especially the pituitary, which is the control center for regulating HGH production in your body - you produce more growth hormone. Valine has other benefits also, like providing your muscles with energy and repairing damage from excessive alcohol consumption. But since it is an essential nutrient, your body doesn't produce it on its own. You have to get it through supplements or your diet.


Lysine, when in the presence of Arginine, also helps your body produce more growth hormone. These two amino acids work in tandem to boost HGH levels for optimal growth and the repair of damaged tissues. Lysine is another essential amino acid, which means you will have to ingest it either through eating protein-rich foods or supplementation. Furthermore, unless your HGH supplement contains a combination of Arginine and Lysine, you're not going to get significant growth hormone production.


Like most other amino acids, Isoleucine is ideal for muscle repair. It helps your body recover from trauma faster, whether from a debilitating injury or the micro-tears that occur in muscles as a result of weight training. It accomplishes all this, in part, by helping your body produce more HGH. Like many other BCAAs, this essential nutrient can only be obtained from your diet or supplementation.


AstraGin is a proprietary ingredient which is absent from almost all HGH supplements, with one exception. It is a specially formulated combination of both Panax ginseng and astragalus root. Panax ginseng hails from the cold mountain regions of Northeastern parts of China and Russia. ginseng has been a popular cure for a number of maladies, but it is exceptionally good at improving cognitive function (especially the production of growth hormone). Astragalus root has similar benefits, especially with regard to tissue repair. It not only behaves as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, but increases the speed and recovery of damaged cells. Since cell repair is closely associated with increases in growth hormone, it is safe to assume that there are bodily mechanisms which help stimulate HGH whenever astragalus root is present.

More importantly, AstraGin helps your body absorb BCAAs better than diet and exercise alone. The increased blood flow and cardiovascular benefits of these two herbs deliver these amino acids more quickly and thoroughly to tissues where they are needed the most. The only HGH supplement that contains AstraGin is called Ultra Edge XL. Best of all, this fitness supplement has other added benefits on top of helping you produce more HGH.