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For those who consider themselves to be serious bodybuilder most end up coming to the conclusion at an early point that there is nothing quite as important than getting everything single thing that one can from each and every thing that one does as a way to get the absolute amount of benefit. From every single workout to every single recovery period to each morsel of nutrition all of it is crucial as one reaches for the heights that you know that you want to achieve.

A second and equally important factor for one's overall workout routine is related to the bodybuilding supplements which are critical to any high end athlete no matter what sport they might be involved in. And, for these people who have not quite fully thought about just how crucial these modern bodybuilding supplements have come to realize that it is not possible to reach these high end goals if they do not have a serious and regular usage of the greatest possible supplements which were designed to facilitate and maximize everything that one does.

One critical factor to an excellent supplement is its capacity to ensure that the user can improve the amount of their protein consumption as a way to get the quickest and longest lasting amount of gains. These types of gains can also help to improve the body's ability to build up levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream as a way to increase one's circulatory system and its ability to transfer oxygen and nutrients to all organs and major muscle groups.

The good news is that today's top flight athletes now have a clear path to the some of the best products that have ever been on the market. Using some quite amazing advances in scientific advances to create the best of these new supplements can help the most serious bodybuilders to multiple new levels that the titans of past generations could only imagine.

The bad news is that these fantastic advances coming from the industry have now become the target of many companies seeking to get their share of the ever growing multi-billion dollar market which is growing all over the globe. Many of these new entries into the market may look similar to the best the market has to offer because most have very similar sets of ingredients and quite a similar set of claims which are being made for them but the fact is that most have been shown to not measure up very well.

For this simple reason, we, as part of our continuing efforts to help our growing number of valued readers find the products that will most likely help them achieve their goals, have decided to take a good hard look at one of the most talked about bodybuilding supplements available today - it's called Myoplex Shred.

Myoplex Shred Basics

One key thing for anyone to know about Myoplex Shred is that it is claimed to provide users with 30 grams of power-packed protein in each and every serving which is needed to build lean muscle which delivers 80% of its total calories from pure protein without added sugars or fillers. Another and more intriguing claim is has greatly enhanced the taste experience with two totally new flavors - Fruity Cereal and Chocolate.

A second critical claim is that each serving of all flavors contain 4 whole grams of Leucine as a way to maximize muscle protein synthesis. Myoplex Shred is also claimed to provide users with less carbs and more BCAA's than many other top tier protein supplements.

What's In Myoplex Shred?

Based on a wide ranging by somewhat common set of vitamins and minerals this set of ingredients used in the production of Myoplex Shed could well be thought of by many to be quite mundane compared to the top rated competitors. These include:

Filtered Water, Milk Protein Isolate. Less than 2% of: Calcium Caseinate, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Oil, Inulin, Maltodextrin, Cellulose Gel, Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, Cellulose Gum, Salt, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, and Carrageenan.

A Look At The Science

At some point in time every consumer will look at the label of a product in order to determine how safe and effective the product is likely to be. There is nothing wrong with that but that method only tells part of the story. The other part has to do with the way in which those ingredients are put together in a formula. This can best be thought of by imagining a product which uses the very best ingredients known but does so in quantities which do not rise to the recommended doses. Obviously, this means that this product would not likely be quite as effective as products with more effective doses. To know where they stand most good companies invest in a fair amount of research, studies and clinical trials.

Using a solid review of all available resources we could not find any data that would suggest that any of this type of study or testing has been performed on Myoplex Shred.

Independent User Reviews

One of the things that jumped out was the fact that the official product website for Myoplex Shred does not offer visitors any testimonials or user reviews. Considering that most companies are eager to use these types of comments as a selling tool due to their highly trusted status among consumers we found this intriguing. Still, this is of little consequence as most testimonials and user reviews appear on official websites which are created and controlled by the seller or producer. Given that this renders the comments as subject to an inherent bias we always look for less biased sources of independent user reviews.

Taking a trip across multiple industry related websites not thought to be connected to Myoplex Shred or its producer as well as numerous online forums and chat rooms which talk about male enhancement products we came upon a large cache of independent user reviews for Myoplex Shred. Going over the ratings it became quite clear that most of them had a rather negative view of their experience with this product.

Is Myoplex Shred Safe To Use?

As stated earlier this product utilizes a strong yet somewhat common set of ingredients which happen to be in rather wide use within the industry. This being the case there is no real reason to believe that there are any significant health risks for otherwise healthy men. Still, it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting use of this or any similar product.

How And Where To Buy Myoplex Shred

This product is available for purchase through both its official website and other outside online retail outlets. The most common purchasing option appears to be a package with two one pound tubs which retails for $47.96.

Myoplex Shred: The Conclusion

Since any serious bodybuilder or other top athlete understands the importance of maximizing the benefits drawn from each and everything that they do choosing the right supplement needed to produce nitric oxide is a key decision. The question we are here to answer is whether Myoplex Shred is among the top choices. To determine this we looked at three core aspects of the product.

The first is the list of ingredients which has been shown to be solid and common to many of the top performing competitors. The second relates to the formulation of those ingredients and, as discussed, there is an unfortunate lack of data that would show that any credible or verifiable research, study or testing has been done that would provide support for Myoplex Shred's numerous claims. The third and last aspect is what we found in relation to independent user reviews. Here the evidence was undeniable in that a clear majority of independent users did not believe that this product lived up to its many claims.

All in all the evidence shows that Myoplex Shred has not done what it takes to place itself among the very best in nitric oxide boosting supplements.

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