Renewal HGH IGF-1

Renewal HGH IGF-1
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Coming from the Always Young HGH line of products, Renewal HGH IGF-1 is a spray product containing a homeopathic version of IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor. IGF-1 is responsible for building bone, muscle and nerves, and Renewal HGH IGF-1 looks to harness the power of this hormone to aid in the fight against signs of aging. Users of Renewal HGH IGF-1 are encouraging to combine the product with any of the other human growth hormone sprays from the Renewal HGH line offered by Always Young HGH.

Renewal HGH IGF-1 Review

Especially targeted towards bodybuilders, Renewal HGH IGF-1 is intended to take advantage of the regenerative properties of insulin-like growth factor. By delivering IGF-1 through an oral spray, the makers claim absorption is supposed to be quicker and more efficient -- however due to questionable ingredients (discussed below) its uncertain if this product has any benefits.

The manufacturer of Renewal HGH IGF-1 also reports that bodybuilders experience up to 5% body fat loss in as little as a week. However, these touted results are for use of IGF-1 in general, not for the homeopathic, low-concentration version of IGF-1 offered by Renewal HGH IGF-1. The manufacturer of Renewal HGH IGF-1 states that best results are achieved when used in concert with other Renewal HGH products, making the actual, tangible effects of Renewal HGH IGF-1 clouded and difficult to discern.

Renewal HGH IGF-1 Ingredients

Like other products in the same line, the base ingredient of Renewal HGH IGF-1 is the proprietary PVM (purified vibrational memory) water. Specially vibrated with minerals or not, the most abundant ingredient in Renewal HGH IGF-1 is water. The active ingredient in the product is IGF-1. As is the problem with most of the products in the group, the concentration of active ingredients in Renewal HGH IGF-1 is not in any way effectively significant.

Buy Renewal HGH IGF-1

Available through the manufacturer's website along with several other health supplement retail websites, a one ounce bottle of Renewal HGH IGF-1 sells for about $40. Occasionally offered sales bring the price down to $99 for four bottles, but the product must be purchased in multiples of four to take advantage of this pricing. Always Young HGH offers no free trials or free shipping, though it does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If Renewal HGH IGF-1 is purchased from other sites, be sure to check that vendor's individual return and shipping policies.

Does Renewal HGH IGF-1 Work?

The effects of Renewal HGH IGF-1 are hard to gauge for the average person. Assuming that you are not a bodybuilder, the results promised by Renewal HGH IGF-1 are mostly internal - nerve regeneration, tissue repair, cell renewal. As such, even if the product was effective, it would be hard to tell. As the literature says, best results are achieved when Renewal HGH IGF-1 is combined with another HGH product from the same line. With both products needing three to four months for full results, a consumer interested in Renewal HGH IGF-1 is looking at an investment of $240 (three months of both Renewal HGH IGF-1 and a companion HGH spray) just to get started with the program. As other HGH sprays from the same line suffer from shallow and limited results themselves, Renewal HGH IGF-1 is a costly investment for no truly discernible return.

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