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HGH Surge from Source Naturals is a tablet human growth hormone releaser. With an impressive list of ingredients, HGH Surge seems to stand out in the crowd by providing the quantities of each ingredient directly on the label. However, what is also on the label of a bottle of HGH Surge is a listing of several other ingredients that may be more than the HGH shopper has bargained for.

HGH Surge Review

HGH Surge contains an amino acid stack designed to stimulate the pituitary, including arginine and lysine, an effective combination. Also included are several easily available dietary additions of the type commonly found in health shakes and vitamins, such as niacin and chromium, along with L-dopa and other ingredients designed to boost mood altering chemicals produced within the brain. These additions seem unnecessary and in fact will exclude many would-be purchasers.

HGH Surge Ingredients

HGH Surge is very forthcoming about what is contained in the tablet. There is an impressive, well formulated stack of amino acids that are proven to stimulate the release of human growth hormone within the body. The increase in production of HGH will increase stamina and energy and generally begin to erase the signs of aging. However, along with a large amount of necessary dietary ingredients found in any multivitamin, HGH Surge contains ingredients designed to increase dopamine and serotonin, which alter the chemistry of the brain. Though for some people this is reflected in an overall uplift in mood, the effects can also be unpredictable and unpleasant after even short exposure. As the released HGH alone should provide for improved mood, the addition of these ingredients seems an unnecessary risk.

Buy HGH Surge

HGH Surge is sold through the manufacturer, Source Naturals, in bottles of 50, 100 or 150 pills. The cost for these bottles is $15.50, $28.98 and $42.50 respectively, with a recommended dosage of five tablets for day. Though a month's supply is priced at $42.50, those new to the tablet may be wise to stretch out both the cost and the possible side effects by starting with one pill per day.

Does HGH Surge Work?

The blend of amino acids and herbs in HGH Surge are in fact beneficial, however, there are still several causes for concern with this product that may steer consumers in another direction. Those looking to enhance well-established workout routines with the addition of HGH Surge will want to look elsewhere, as the ingredient mixture, while good, will have little benefit for someone already in good shape. Those looking to take advantage of the extra energy, stamina and boost in exercise results will benefit from HGH Surge, though only temporarily, as the body will soon adjust to the stimulation. Of most importance, however, is the addition to HGH Surge of mood-altering hormones such as dopamine and serotonin may be overwhelming and unnecessary for many who are just looking for a little extra help in the fight against aging.

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