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Evlution Nutrition CRE+
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It might have been today or it might have been years ago but at some point you set out on what might be the longest and hardest journey known to man - To be a god among men, to walk among mere mortals with the strength and determination to show the world that you are no ordinary man, that you have the drive to become everything you known you can be and push the human form to new heights. And, you know that the path to this amazing accomplishment is one of pain that few men have the courage to set foot on. Yet, you know that this path will lead you to the one place you belong. And, you also know that it will take everything you have to get there which means that, above all else, nothing can be wasted, not one workout, not one repetition. And, to do that you will have to employ the best possible training methodology, the most efficient recovery methods, the highest energy and power packed foods and: a bodybuilding supplement that will squeeze the maximum benefit out of everything else you do.

Because of this simple fact, we, as part of our ongoing effort to help our readers find the best available bodybuilding supplements, have decided to look at one of the most talked about supplements the industry has to offer - it's called Evlution Nutrition CRE+.

Evlution Nutrition CRE+ Basics

Unfortunately, when we says 'basics' that's just what we mean when it comes to information regarding Evlution Nutrition CRE+. After a comprehensive search of the internet we could find no official website but a fair amount of online retail outlets that carry the company's line of products.

Some of these online retailers display an ingredients label from the bottle and it shows that this product contains are solid if unspectacular set of elements that are common to not only many of the best available bodybuilding supplements but many lesser products, too. These include: Vitamin D3, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Creatine Monohydrate, Magnesium Creatine Chelate, Creatine Anhydrous and Silica.

User Reviews

Although the lack of an official website and all of the information that would be critical to users and potential buyers such as a history page about the company, an in depth listing of ingredients and research or studies that back up the claims made by the product and contact information, the overall user reviews on the retail outlet sites are much better than average for such a product.

On the other hand, since we know as well as you do, it is easy for a company to flood a comments section of any retailer with positive reviews, we set out to find as many non-affiliated websites and chat rooms dedicated to the subject and known throughout the bodybuilding world as we could find. What we discovered was that, although these more independent reviews were still, on average, more positive than most bodybuilding supplements they did not come close to the overwhelming level of four and five star rating that the user reviews on retail sites gave Evlution Nutrition CRE+.


  • Provides the necessary elements to improve stamina and endurance during workouts.
  • Slightly above average reviews from independent users.
  • No searchable history of side effects.
  • Contains multiple ingredients known for their properties in helping to burn fat.
  • Ingredients have shown in independent studies to aid in the muscle recovery process.


  • Manufacturer does not have an official website
  • No information on any direct research or studies that prove the effectiveness of this product
  • Independent user reviews, although slightly positive on average, do not match up with extremely high level of satisfaction of reviews on online retail sites.

Medical Cautions

Though the product label shown on online retail outlet sites does not indicate the use of any ingredients with a substantial history of causing side effects or allergic reactions we, as always advise anyone considering the use of this or any similar product to first consult with their primary care physician or another qualified medical professional before beginning use.

The Conclusion

As we discussed at the beginning of this review, the road to achieving a god-like body is a long and painful one. Any man who sets out on this journey and stays the course will have to overcome many obstacles and endure the sacrifices that come with achieving the greatest physical accomplishment any man can strive for. Most who set out on this journey will fail in their quest to become a god among men but for those who have the courage and the strength to overcome the many challenges the rewards will forever outweigh the challenges.

Still, no matter how hard any man trains, no matter what method he may use to recover as fast and completely as possible and no matter what he uses in his diet as the fuel that will carry him to his goals none of it will matter if he does not choice wisely when selecting the right bodybuilding supplements.

In our examination of Evlution Nutrition CRE+ we saw a somewhat strange set of factors that have to be considered as a whole to properly judge the safety and effectiveness of this product. First of all, the total lack of an official website and critical information related to research and studies, if any were actually performed, set a bad tone for those who may want to like this product. Add to that the contradictory views of testimonials and reviews as seen on online retail pages that rate Evlution Nutrition CRE+ with four and five stars and approval percentages that range in the mid to high ninety percentile with the still slightly favorable but far less encouraging reviews from users who chose to tell the world about their experiences through an unfiltered lens and you end up with a scenario that makes one seriously question the validity of the retail outlet reviews.

When one looks at the bottom line with Evlution Nutrition CRE+ the one thing that is inescapable is that, although the ingredient list shows are number of common but well-recognized elements known to promote the growth of lean muscle mass and provide stamina and endurance during workouts, there are just too many things that don't quite click with this product to consider it to be among the leading bodybuilding supplements out there.

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