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Live Young Oral HGH
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Live Young Oral HGH is a human growth hormone product from Trimedica. Unlike many other human growth hormone products, Live Young Oral HGH comes in three different forms - a liquid, a spray and a chewable tablet. With different concentrations of active ingredients each, consumers can choose which form of Live Young Oral HGH they feel will best work for them.

Live Young Oral HGH Review

The biggest draw of the Live Young Oral HGH product is the availability of several different delivery methods to choose from. It is a bit more complex than that, however, as each form has its own specific combination of active ingredients and formulation. The chewable tablets of course suffer from the fact that a large portion of the active ingredients will be lost and pass through the body in the digestive process. The spray and liquid have similar oral applications. As each method is very different, consumers will have to carefully analyze the components of each to determine if either are worth the investment.

Live Young Oral HGH Ingredients

Each form of Live Young Oral HGH has different concentrations of active ingredients. The chewable tablet contains 12x HGH as the active ingredient. The 12x indicates how many times the HGH has been diluted before adding it to the tablet. It is the only HGH releaser present in that form. The active ingredients in the liquid form of Live Young Oral HGH are 12x, 30c HGH and pituitary. While the pituitary is also an HGH releaser, it is minor in the face of the dilution of the 12x HGH. Lastly, the spray Live Young Oral HGH contains HGH at a 24x dilution. This is an undetectable amount, with no other ingredients included to boost the results.

Buy Live Young Oral HGH

Live Young Oral HGH is available in all three forms from several different online retailers. As such, consumers will have to be conscious of individual shipping, refund, return and free trial policies. A bottle of 90 chewable tablets (a one month supply) is roughly $40 plus shipping costs. The spray form of Live Young Oral HGH is $36 for a month long supply and the liquid form will run for $38 per 2 ounce bottle. These prices will vary from vendor to vendor, but an average price between $35-40 for one month's supply of any form is fairly consistent. Consumers should consider that the prescribed routine for Live Young Oral HGH is three months on, one off, indicating that at least three month's worth will be needed for full results.

Does Live Young Oral HGH Work?

Not all forms of Live Young Oral HGH are created equal. The concentrations of active ingredients in the chewable table are low, especially considering how much will be lost to the digestive process. The liquid drops form fares a bit better - the concentration of HGH is low, but the included pituitary ingredient will provide at least some initial results for those looking for a jump start in a new exercise routine. The spray form, usually a inferior delivery method, falls flat in Live Young Oral HGH, as the dilution combined with the lack of supporting human growth hormone releaser ingredients makes even the initial boost unlikely.

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