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At a certain stage in the life of any serious bodybuilder there will come a point where they will likely have to look within and ask themselves what their ultimate goal truly is. It is at this stage that they will come to a crossroad with one path leading to some involvement but not a serious one and a different path that leads to a lifelong pursuit that will play a great role who they actually are. For bodybuilders who choose the path that only a few will ever take it will be likely be one which leads to a great many decisions that are critical when it comes to the types of results that they can expect to achieve.

The main decisions are related to the training techniques, the methods of recovery periods and a great many choices when it comes to dietary plans that they will have to work with rigidly. Another tough decision is related to the types of supplements that they will employ. And, it is at this point that they may have to deal with their greatest challenge. This is because this category of decisions that offers the greatest degree of difference in all of the choices that only serious bodybuilders and other top athletes have to deal with as opposed to past generations.

It's true, bodybuilders in the past have greatly been limited in their pursuit of achieving the ultimate body not by their choice of training techniques or recovery methods or even their dietary decisions but by the quality of supplements that would let them get the greatest benefit from all of their other choices. The basic fact is that today's highest quality bodybuilding supplements provide far more benefit than those of past generations. The issue is always in making the correct choice. And, taking into account that there are so many options it would be best to understand the industry as it is in this day and age.

At its heart, the bodybuilding supplement industry has now become flooded with literally hundreds of newer brands in the last few years as more and more entities to produce a product that will bring them a piece of what has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. The key issue is that a good number of these newer products have been shown over time to be often less effective and, in many cases, less safe than the highest quality products that this market has traditionally provides. For this reason it is no surprise that most consumers are finding themselves more and more confused as they try to choose the best options even though most of them claim to utilize nearly identical lists of ingredients and make almost all of the same types of claims.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our ongoing attempts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about bodybuilding supplements available on the market today - it's called Osta-Plex.

What To Know About Osta-Plex

This product is manufactured and distributed by a firm called Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and is claimed to significantly elevate the body's capacity to make testosterone as the highest possible levels. It does so by employing a well-known and well-established set of ingredients common to most of the top rated products on the market today.

What's In Osta-Plex?

The following list of ingredients are part of a well-established set of elements which are in wide and common use within the bodybuilding supplement industry with a long history of boosting testosterone levels.

  • 19-nor- androst-4- ene-17- one Enanthate: The key ingredient in Osta-Plex. This is the only 100% legal SARM put out by the industry today. This core compound has been claimed to increase lean body mass and overall size.
  • Eucommia Ulmoides: A natural herb that surpasses most common action by increasing testosterone. It offers certain compounds that can activate androgen receptors far more than other testosterone boosters available on the market.
  • 7-methoxy-8-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)-2H-1-benzopyran-2-one: This highly rated compound is often referred to as a PSARM. It is said to mimic the effects that androgens cause in the user and helps improve the creation of lean body mass, muscle and sexual drive.

Osta-Plex And The Research

No one would dispute that having the ability to know what's in any product is a great thing that was not always as easy as it is now. This is true because it allows for consumers to assess whether or not the product has the elements that are most wanted or if it has certain elements which might be problematic in that they may cause allergic reactions. Still, it is clear that there are many other forms of information which can provide consumers with more detailed information which can tell a far deeper story. This data is that which might be derived from any research, studies or clinical trials assuming that this type of study or testing was ever conducted given that many parts of the world do not have strong regulations as to what products are subject to the guidelines.

In a survey of both Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals resources as well as those of several outside sources we were unable to find any documents or reports that would provide any support for the many claims being made for Osta-Plex.

User Reviews And Testimonials

There is no question that being able to assess the quality of a product or service is far easier today with the ability for consumers to look at user reviews that simply did not exist just a couple of decades ago in the years before the widespread use of the internet. Still, it is now widely known that many companies have worked hard to confuse consumers as to whether or not the user reviews that they are viewing are genuine. These actions can only be viewed as causing an obvious and inherent bias to many of the user reviews sites that most consumers tend to use. This being the case we always look for more independent sources of user comments.

Based on a review of numerous industry websites with no known affiliation to Osta-Plex or its manufacturer as well as a large array of online chat rooms and forums we located a wide range of independent user reviews for this product. A tally of the overall user satisfaction ratings clearly shows that these independent user reviews did not feel that they gained any significant or lasting benefits even after extended use of a month or more.

Health And Safety Concerns

Going back to the listed ingredients in Osta-Plex there would not appear to be any significant health concerns as they are all generally in wide use across the bodybuilding industry. Still, it is always wise to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting a regular regimen.

How To Buy Osta-Plex

Consumers can turn to a long list of well-known online retailers to purchase Osta-Plex such as Amazon.com, Walmart.com and others. Our research showed that pricing varied widely across these platforms so consumers should check pricing before buying.

Osta-Plex Conclusion

Today's serious bodybuilders and top athletes need the best available supplements that provide a boost in testosterone. Our question here was to determine if Osta-Plex is among the best possible options in this category. To make that case we looked at just three core factors.

The first was the set of elements that make up this product and it appears clear that they are all in wide use in most of the best this industry has to offer. The second factor was related to what data there was that offered supporting evidence for its many claims and here we could not find any research or testing data that did that. The final factor had to do with independent user reviews were saying about their use of Osta-Plex and the facts were that they did not, on the whole, believe that this product lived up to its promises.

In the end it appears clear that Osta-Plex has a long way to go before it can be thought of as a real contender in the category of high grade testosterone producers.

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