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Every man who wants to be all he can be knows that achieving a god like body is no easy feat for anyone. The intense drive and level of dedication needed to transform the male body into the kind of physique that only a tiny fraction of men are able to achieve is, in itself, as hard to come by as the incredible human form that will come about as a result of it. That's why any man who sets out of the journey to achieve this task must understand that there are many obstacles that stand in his way. One of the most daunting obstacles, one you overcome the monstrous mental challenges that will assail you on a daily basis, is the constant effects of physical wear and tear. Add to that the endless fatigue that throws itself at you and you begin to understand that only the those with the toughest mental outlooks and the strongest physical constitutions will ever reach the lofty heights needed to attain the ultimate male physique. And, as any experienced bodybuilder knows, a serious program of weight training, aerobics, proper diet and the correct balance of workout to rest ratio is crucial to achieving the ultimate success. Additionally, a part of that success is dependent upon knowing which supplements you choose to use in order to maximize the benefits from each and every workout. That's why, as part of our ongoing effort to help our readers, we have decided to take a close look at one of the most talked about bodybuilding supplements available today. It's called Nitro Muscle.

Inside Nitro Muscle

At its heart, Nitro Muscle is specifically designed to do one thing and one thing only - build up levels of nitric oxide in the user's bloodstream. Now, the question is - why is that so important that someone would make a product solely devoted to this one thing? The answer is simply but it also may be quite surprising to those who have yet to figure out just how important nitric oxide levels are. The main concept is that, as experienced bodybuilders with tell you, nitric oxide is incredibly important to achieving maximum results from your workout regimen because it directly determines the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the bloodstream and, as a matter of process, reach the starving muscle tissue. The more oxygen and nutrients reaching the muscle tissue the more that muscle can absorb and the more it can grow. As a concept, it can't get any simpler than that.

On top of all that, is a stubborn fact that men over thirty are statistically likely to experience a sharp decline in levels of nitric oxide that are, in fact, naturally occurring in every man. What this means is that, after thirty, you are likely going to need a nitric oxide booster just to fight the loss of this naturally occurring chemical. Still, for any man who is still in his prime years, and not experiencing that kind of loss, the key factor here is that the more a man taxes his body the more he is going to need to build up his nitric oxide levels no matter what your age.


Being that need to have a supplement capable of building up the levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream is so critical the next question a potential user has to ask is - what are the ingredients that a top-tier nitric oxide booster should have. Well the good news is that Nitro Muscle has three key ingredients that are considered industry standards. These include:

  • L-Arginine - This ingredient is a critical element in that is forms the basis for the production of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. To put is simply, without the amino acid L-Arginine a man would not have the building blocks to form nitric oxide. In men who are past their physical prime this is also critical for another reason. Increasing nitric oxide in the bloodstream not only increases oxygen and nutrients levels, it also increases the flow of blood to tissues. This increased blood flow is known to combat the effects of erectile dysfunction by drive more blood flow the penile tissue which, in turn, results in longer, wider and harder erections.
  • L-Citrulline - Acting as a building block in the chain reaction within the body, this second amino acid is converted in L-Arginine during periods of intense physical activity, which then leads to increased levels of nitric oxide, a secondary benefit comes in the form of increased stamina and workout recovery times.
  • L-Norvaline - Because body chemistry is a tricky thing loaded with various checks and balances there is a limit to which the male body can increase nitric oxide without something to override that governing principle. That's why many muscle building supplements add this third amino acid. L-Norvaline acts as an inhibitor to the process that limits the production of nitric oxide. Therefore, working in conjunction with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, this element removes the barriers to maximizing the production of nitric oxide and the limits on muscle recovery times.

User Reviews

We always find it helpful to look closely at the people who have used a product to help determine whether or not the manufacturer's claims can be substantiated in real world use. As, one would expect, there are a number of glowing reviews that can be found on this product's official website but they differ greatly in tone from other user reviews found elsewhere. Since these reviews are gleaned from non-official or independent sources we believe a greater weight should be given to them. That said, the independent reviews that we found have a surprisingly negative score. The main complaint that we saw repeatedly was that the product just did not deliver on the promises of greatly enhanced growth of lean muscle mass. Another large complaint was that the claims related to greater stamina and endurance did not materialize for many.


  • The three amino acid combination land a superior chemical punch to the chemical processes that lead to maximized production of lean muscle mass.
  • Offers a highly effective and well-recognized combination of ingredients that are shown to increase stamina, endurance and recovery times between workouts.
  • Helps to bolster erections and other symptoms of sexual dysfunction caused by loss of nitric oxide in the bloodstream.


  • The three amino acid list of ingredients does not contain many other essential elements needed to fulfill many of the bodily processes needed to maximize the high levels of lean muscle mass growth, especially, those engaging in the intense activity of bodybuilding.
  • Not competitively priced when compared to many products with a substantially similar list of ingredients.

Health Concerns

Although this product is made with only three naturally occurring amino acids and there are no known side effects it should be noted that any supplement which induces a greater flow within the bloodstream should be approved of by a qualified medical professional for any man experiencing for being treated for blood pressure issues.

Our Conclusion

As we discussed at the top of this review, bodybuilding, especially for serious men looking to maximize their physical potential, is extremely difficult due to the many obstacles every man faces in his pursuit of a great physique. Getting past the all these mental and physical barriers along the those related to the diet and rest is near impossible without the aid of a superior, top of the line bodybuilding supplement. That's why choosing the right one is so important. So, when we look at Nitro Muscle and compare it to the top level supplements designed to boost nitric oxide levels it's clear that Nitro Muscle, although not a bad product, is lacking in many key elements needed to maximize results. Yes, one could search for other supplements that provide these key ingredients but why would any savvy consumer do that when it is well known that there are several high quality, top-tier bodybuilding supplements that include most of not all the recommended elements.

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