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HGH1000, sold in capsule form, is a product designed to induce the release of natural human growth hormone from the pituitary gland. Promising lowered blood pressure, loss of body fat and quicker wound healing, HGH1000 seeks to fight the effects of aging by counteracting the reduction in production of human growth hormone that occurs as we get older -- but does HGH1000 really work?

HGH1000 Review

While on the surface HGH1000 seems like an effective product, there is a lot of speculation that HGH1000 is simply a rebranded GHR1000. The information, especially anecdotal, that is available is extremely limited when researching HGH1000, with many reviewers suggesting that GHR1000 and HGH1000 are one and the same. This kind of switching and rebranding raises questions addressed shortly.

HGH1000 Ingredients

HGH100 contains an amino acid stack familiar to any consumer researching human growth hormone products. A proprietary blend of glutamine, lysine, tyrosine and others are combined for a total of 300mg, but no proportions are given. HGH1000 also contains several B vitamins and ginseng. It should be noted that HGH1000 does not actually contain HGH. It should also be noted, for those with a sensitivity, that the HGH1000 capsules contain soy as well.

Buy HGH1000

HGH1000 is available over the internet, but only if you can locate it as finding it proves to be somewhat difficult. One website offers bottles of HGH1000 on two different pricing scales - one time orders and automatic shipment refills. In both cases, one bottle is about $65 with discounts for quantity purchases. Twelve bottles, a year's supply, is $354.

Does HGH1000 Work?

Upon looking more deeply into the one comprehensive source of information on HGH1000, small print at the bottom of the screen indicates that the site is owned by GHR, Inc. The similarity of the ingredient list and proprietary formulas in HGH1000 and GHR1000 indicate to the savvy consumer that the products are essentially one and the same. This calls into question both the integrity of the company and of the product itself. When searching for anecdotal reviews of HGH1000 from real customers, you are likely to come up empty.

Setting this aside, the product itself does not compare to its competitors. HGH1000's formula at best is simply a low-dose cocktail of commonplace vitamins. Add to this the inclusion of soy and this product eliminates the possibility for many. An additional concern is the difficulty encountered when attempting to track down the true manufacturer of the product. Should you experience problems or issues with HGH1000, you would be hard pressed to find their customer service, if they have one at all.

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