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For any serious bodybuilder the most important thing that you want is to know that you are doing everything you can to maximize the benefits of each and every workout and recovery period. After all, with all of the sweat equity and mental determination that you put into the pursuit of a god-like body, there is no point in not making sure that you are squeezing every last bit of benefit from everything you do from the scheduling of each workout to the duration of the recovery period to knowing and caring about everything you put in to your body to properly fuel this quest. And part that means knowing what kind of supplements you need and which specific brands and formulas are the best of the best. So, like everything else the devil is in the details.

With that in mind, let's cover some of the basic reasons you need a supplement. First and foremost, you need a high quality supplement to reap every ounce of benefit from your training but, if you are a true competitor you need one to make sure that you are gaining every advantage that your competitors are getting because, in the real world, you cannot compete unless you are competitive on every level.

As part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers cut their way through the jungle of bodybuilding supplements we have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about bodybuilding supplements available on the market today - it's called PhosphaGrow SX-7.

PhosphaGrow SX-7 Basics

Formulated and distributed by MuscleTech which was established in 1995 with the launch of their original offering a creatine and carbohydrate supplement called Cell-Tech, PhosphaGrow SX-7 Black Onyx has risen in popularity largely on the basis of their well-crafted marketing strategy and highly informative and content rich website.

The key claim behind this product is that it provides a boost to rapid lean muscle growth by injecting the growth process with a highly valuable but often overlooked element in the form of Phosphatidic Acid which is critical to the muscle building process but is produced in a far too limited supply by the body's natural processes. By binding with mTOR on a chemical basis, this essential acid enhances the body's ability to speed up the electrical signals which provide the catalyst for the growth of lean muscle mass through anabolic activity.

Pointing to studies performed at the University of Florida, the website claims that various categories of muscle growth rates were fifty percent or more higher among users of PhosphaGrow SX-7 than with subjects who were given a placebo.


Though the official website for PhosphaGrow SX-7 does not show an actual label as would be seen on the product package it does list the following set of ingredients

  • Phosphatidic Acid Complex
  • Long jack root extract (Eurycoma longifolia)
  • Mediator PA Phosphatidic Acid (from Glycine max)
  • Astragalus root powder (Astragalus membranaceus)

A secondary list of ingredients includes monoglyceride, and diglycerides, medium chain triglyceride oil, from medium chain triglycerides, gelatin, glycerin, silicon dioxide, caramel color and purified water.

User Reviews

As always, it is our policy to include as much information related to actual user reviews as possible. This is often necessitated by the fact the many products to not offer highly verifiable user reviews and, as one would expect, those provided by the producer of a product would tend to be highly selective and biased. Because of this, we look for as many non-affiliated sources such as industry website and chat rooms dedicated to the subject as possible to get a clearer view of what actual users are saying in an unbiased and independent environment.

What we found was that, although there were a number of very positive reviews, the majority of reviews from these independent sources seemed to indicate that PhosphaGrow SX-7 did not live up to the claims made on its official website and in other affiliated sites and promotional material.

PhosphaGrow SX-7 Pluses

  • Rapid increase in muscle growth of over five pounds in first two months
  • Dramatic increase in rate of muscle growth
  • Formulation backed by clinical studies
  • 600 percent gain in signal processing of mTOR

PhosphaGrow SX-7 Minuses

  • Higher than average product cost versus comparable products
  • Money back guarantee information is not shown
  • Incomplete ingredients list
  • Medical precautions such as side effects are not stated
  • Majority of independent user reviews are negative
  • Pricing And Dosage

    Even though there are multiple websites offering PhosphaGrow SX-7 in various languages and from around the world and many of these sites offer the product at varying costs, consumers in the US can find it priced at $99.99 for a pack of 140 capsules. Instructions state that the user should take five capsules per day about thirty minutes prior to that day's workout.


    PhosphaGrow SX-7 does not show any information that would lead one to believe that there are any known detrimental side effects that would arise from its use. However, there are numerous and long standing reports of such side effects associated with products of a similar nature. This being the case, we strongly advise anyone considering the use of this or a similar product to consult with the physician or another qualified medical professional before beginning use.

    Our Conclusion

    Without question, the one thing any serious bodybuilder will tell you is that the most important thing they strive for is to maximize the benefits they gain from each and every workout session and recovery period. They will also tell you that the one thing they have discovered along the long and demanding road that they have traveled to reach the highest levels of this endeavor is that those who falter in their pursuit for the ultimate body have one thing in common - they failed to incorporate all of the necessary tools needed to give the development of their body every advantage it needed. Mainly, this means that it is not enough to have a great workout routine, regimen of rest and a stellar diet. You must also pay attention to the smallest details including the use of supplements that will help you achieve those maximum benefits.

    In looking at PhosphaGrow SX-7 there are several positives that show this product and the company that produces it belong in the category of serious contenders such as the clinical studies that offer information backing the concept behind the modern formulation. However, a closer look shows that there are even more problem areas based on the lack of information related to its ingredient list, the pricing and, more importantly, the preponderance of negative user reviews drawn from a large swath of independent sources.

    In the end, when you stack PhosphaGrow SX-7 up against the best the industry has to offer it failed to meet the criteria necessary to be considered a top shelf product.

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