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The one thing any serious bodybuilder wants is to maximize the benefits of their workouts. Whether you are a man reaching for physical perfection and a god-like physique or a woman looking to attain the ultimate feminine ideal then the most important thing you can do in this pursuit is to give your body everything it needs to reap the most from each and every day's activity as you sculpt, tone and build the highest levels of lean muscle mass.

Now, as every experienced bodybuilder knows, there are multiple ways that you can go about achieving these goals but some are expensive and, quite frankly, extremely dangerous. Yes, we're talking about anabolic steroids and no one needs to tell you about the serious side effects to both your physical and mental health. Also, there's little need to talk endlessly about the legal matters and rules violations regarding the use of such drugs. So, assuming that you are not about to go down that road the other, and more realistic option is a supplement that is rich in the necessary supply of carbohydrates needed to maximize your workouts and help you to make the most of your recovery periods on your journey to Mount Olympus. With all of this in mind, we are here today to talk about one of the most talked about bodybuilding supplements available on the market today - it's called CARBion.

Inside CARBion

CARBion is produced in the United States by a company known as Allmax Nutrition. They offer CARBion online through their official website and other online outlets. The premise behind their formulation is simple and conforms to many of the top-tier formulas that sit at the highest levels of the bodybuilding supplement industry. Designed specifically to provide critical levels of carbohydrates which provide the needed energy, stamina and endurance to maximize high stress workout regimens, these elements are also highly important in helping the body to develop and maintain the processes that lead to greater than average fat burn which, in turn, results in the release of extra energy that ultimately results in even more lean muscle mass.


CARBion's official website provides a detailed label listing all the ingredients contained in their "6 Carb Complex." These include some major elements such as CCD Clustered Cyclic Dextrin, (Highly-Branched Structure), DE-5 High Molecular Weight Dextrin Polysaccharide, AWM2300 Ultra-High Molecular Weight Waxy Maize, Rice Polysaccharide (Glycosidically-Bound Monamer), Fibersol-2 Digestion-Resistant Dextrin (Highly Branched Structure) and Potato Polysaccharide (Glycosidically-Bound Monomar.

Additional categories of ingredients include Advanced Carb Utilization Complex and Ionic Hydration Complex. These combined with additional ingredients form the basis of what has made this formulation one of the most buzzworthy products out there at this time.

User Reviews

As any savvy consumer of bodybuilding products would expect, there are numerous endorsements and user reviews available for view at the official website for CARBion. The problem with these is that, as we all know, there is always an inherent bias in reviews that are hand selected to be placed on the official website of any product by any company. With that in mind, we set out as we always do to find as many independent user reviews to get a far better, more realistic and more balanced and unbiased view of just how safe and effective CARBion is in the experience of real users.

Unfortunately, what we found in our extensive search of independent reviews was that, despite an outwardly impressive list of ingredients in CARBion's formulation, the majority of comments were either rather neutral or, many times, harshly negative. The main theme of most of the negative reviews seemed to center around the perception that, especially when compared to other bodybuilding, carbohydrate rich supplements, the results achieved with the use of CARBion just did not measure up.


  • Carbohydrate rich formula comparable to many similar products
  • Ingredient list full of additives designed for overall health balance
  • Ingredient list based on an all-natural formula
  • User friendly official website
    • Cons

      • Proven research and clinical study information is strikingly poorly presented
      • Higher than average price compared to similar products
      • Lack of sufficient levels of protein in formulation
      • Unfavorable reviews from the majority of independent users

      Medical Precautions

      As always, it is wise for any potential consumer of products of this nature to fully research them before committing to regular usage because of the inclusion of many elements known to have a great and potentially negative effect on the human body. It is advisable to seek a consultation with your personal physician or a highly qualified medical professional before beginning use of this product or any similar one.

      Pricing And Dosage

      CARBion is offered in two different sizes. The smaller size is 2.4 pounds (forty servings) and retails for the price of $33.50. The larger size is 5 pounds *eighty-four servings) and retails for $54.99. Each size is offered in a variety of flavors or unflavored.

      Our Conclusion

      As we discussed at the beginning of this review, the main goal of any bodybuilder, whether it be a man or a woman, is to maximize the benefits of your workouts to reach your peak physical aspirations. To do this one must provide their body with the necessary tools it needs to meet these standards and a key tool in that toolbox is a top-tier bodybuilding supplement that provides all the essential elements needed to boost energy levels, burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

      When we looked at all the criteria needed to determine if CARBion fit into the category of top-tier supplements took several key factors into account. We looked at their formulation and found that, although it was quite extensive and comparable to many other products on the market, it was lacking in critical proteins contained in the highest ranking products available today. And, when we looked at a wide swath of independent user reviews we found that most of them were negative in nature because they did not seem to perceive the kind of benefits that the producers of CARBion claimed that they would or that the users believed to be at or above the level of other products they had tried in the past.

      In the end the main takeaway from our look at CARBion is that it does not stack up well against its major competitors who make up the top-tier, highest ranking bodybuilding supplements.

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