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You are a man who has come to realize that you want more out of life. And, when we say more we mean that you want be more like the man you want to be and less like that guy you see in the mirror. Sure, you like that guy but the fact is that he is not living up to your expectations. His muscles are not as big, strong and attractive as they should be and his body is not as alluring to women, the most attractive women, as it should be.

Another thing that you see in that guy in the mirror is that he just doesn't seem to have the same kind sexual drive that he should have - the same kind of drive that he once had. And, when you look at that guy in the mirror you want to help him become the man you and he want to be. So, how can you make that happen?

The good news is that, due to modern science and advances in medical research there are many products that can help a man like you and your friend in the mirror. Normally, for guy who both wants to build a god-like physique the answer for them is to find the right bodybuilding supplement that can help you reach those physical goals. Then, to address the second issue of dealing with the sense that this guy is feeling that his sexual drive or libido is not what it used to be he would seek out a separate male enhancement supplement which is designed to boost testosterone production which, in turn, helps to restore that lost sense of drive for sex that we all want to have but generally begins to diminish around the age of thirty and continues to decline by about two percent per year after that.

However, there is a new breed of supplements that combine both of these benefits so that men can build up their outer bodies so that they can become more attractive to women at first glance and boost their inner drive so that these guys can perform sexually the way they used to or the way he always wanted to. And, as always, we have decided to take a long hard look at one of these new breed of supplements which is getting a great deal of buzz within the industry today - it's called Superior Muscle X.

Inside Muscle X

Utilizing the concept of boosting the levels of Nitric Oxide within the bloodstream, Superior Muscle X is designed to help users build muscle fast by speeding oxygen and nutrients to the various muscle groups and burn unwanted fat in order to help the users sculpt a body that will become a woman magnet - all this while working to restore the bodily processes that produce testosterone and the sexual drive, endurance and stamina that go with it.

Active Ingredients In Superior Muscle X

Unfortunately, there is a real deficit of information related to the composition of Superior Muscle X. What little we were able to find out about the ingredients that make up Superior Muscle X is mainly centered on the use of L-Arginine as the key active ingredient.

For those of you who may not be aware of how L-Arginine works within the body the answer can be fairly simple given the complex nature of chemical processes within the human body. In essence, the introduction of this critical amino acid boosts the processes that produce nitric oxide in the bloodstream which supercharges multiple functions which ultimately boosts the production of testosterone while at the same time increasing the speed at which oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the various muscle groups which, in turn, promotes endurance and stamina.

Superior Muscle X User Reviews

Given the significant deficit of information related to Superior Muscle X it is easy to understand that we could not find an official website where one might find some user reviews. Still, as any experienced consumers knows, user reviews found on a product's official website or on other affiliated retail outlets are generally highly biased in the sense that they wouldn't be chosen to be on the website if they were not glowingly positive in their views. This being the case, we set out to find as many user reviews as we could on other, unaffiliated industry websites and chat rooms dedicated to the subject. What we found was a rather large and highly negative set of reviews that, to a high degree, found that the claims made by Superior Muscle X were not at all in line with their personal experience. In fact, the most common comment made by these independent user reviews was that they did not experience any notable benefit.

Superior Muscle X Advantages

  • Boosts Nitric Oxide levels to boost flow of oxygen and nutrients
  • Increases endurance and stamina
  • Raises level of sexual drive or libido

Superior Muscle X Negatives

  • Product is priced higher than many competitors' products
  • No clinical research or trials that support product claims
  • Largely unfavorable ratings from most independent reviews

Medical Cautions

The lack of information regarding the composition of Superior Muscle X makes analyzing the ingredient basically impossible. The being the case, it is highly recommended that anyone considering the use of this product consult with their primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use.

Pricing And Dosage

At about $98.00 for a one month supply Superior Muscle X is on the high side for supplements of a similar nature. The recommended dosage is one or two pills per day before meals and workouts depending on desired results.


As discussed at the start of this review there are many men out there who have decided that they are no longer going to let the best parts of life pass them by. They are ones who look in the mirror and decide that the guy they see is not really them and that something has to change. So, when thinking about what they are missing out on it's no surprise that one of the first things they realize is that they want more sex with more attractive women. That means pulling themselves together and becoming the best man they can be both on the outside and on the inside. And, to do that, many of them are turning to male enhancement supplements as a way to beef up and finally get the strength and look that they have always wanted for themselves and to get the virility, endurance and stamina that will transform them into the stud they always knew they could be.

Until recently, these goals would require at least two separate supplements but with the advent of products like Superior Muscle X there are claims that all of these benefits can be achieved with the use of just one supplement. The only real question is - how effective are these products?

When it comes to Superior Muscle X there are multiple things to consider. The first is that there hardly any verifiable information that we could find beyond the fact that it uses the amino acid L- Arginine as its key active ingredient. Add to that the lack of any clinical research or trials that would lend supporting evidence to their claims and the overwhelmingly negative reviews found on unaffiliated industry websites and chat rooms and what you end up with is a product that seems to fall far short of the requirements needed to be considered one of the best options in today market place.

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