HGH Levels and Aging

HGH (human growth hormone) levels are thought to be the key difference between healthy, energetic youth and old age. There is a high correlation between low HGH levels and age. Because of this, many people are wondering whether HGH therapy can help them regain health, higher energy levels, and a more youthful appearance. Naturally, people are skeptical about the anti-aging properties of HGH. Let's take a moment to explore how HGH levels are affected by aging and how we can elevate HGH levels.

How HGH Levels Change As You Age

Aging causes a sharp reduction in HGH levels from their peak levels in late adolescence and early adulthood. In fact, starting around age 21, HGH levels begin to steadily drop at a rate of about 1.4% per year. While this may not seem like much, that amounts to 14% per decade so that by age 50, most of us have experienced a 40% drop in HGH levels due to aging.

Generally, HGH levels bottom out at after a decrease of 80%. Only 1/5 of the human growth hormone you had as a youngster is still available in your old age. .

What is the significance of this sharp drop in HGH levels with aging? After all, why do we need growth hormone once we've finished growing? The reason is because human growth hormone is a complex 'master' hormone that controls a wide variety of physiological processes. In fact, the word "growth" in human growth hormone is a bit misleading. HGH doesn't just make your body grow in size. HGH has an effect on virtually every physical process in your entire body. (Learn more in "What is HGH?")

Symptoms of Low HGH

Low HGH symptoms associated with aging cover a wide range of physiological and mood-related symptoms, including:

  • Weight gain and increased body fat. This results from decreased muscle mass and slowed metabolism due to the effects of aging and reduced HGH levels.
  • Visible signs of aging, including wrinkled skin, slow growing hair, and brittle nails. Reduced HGH levels make it difficult for the body's tissues to regenerate and repair themselves.
  • Poor mood and reduced energy levels. Low HGH symptoms aren't just tied to appearance. Along with other hormones and biological processes, low HGH levels can affect your mental state and energy as well.

How HGH Therapy Can Help Aging

Fortunately, this drop in HGH levels that comes with aging does not have to be permanent. Scientific discoveries have shown that HGH therapy can help reverse or slow the signs of aging and combat a host of low HGH symptoms.

Growth hormone supplementation can reverse low HGH symptoms by improving strength and endurance, and increasing muscle tissue and metabolism to burn body fat. HGH has been shown to have this effect even in the absence of a controlled diet and exercise regimen.

Increasing your HGH levels will also combat the visible signs of aging. HGH therapy improves the elasticity of the skin to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and promotes new and stronger growth of hair and nails.

Other important anti-aging effects of HGH therapy include faster healing time, improved joint flexibility, and stronger immune function for overall health and vitality. HGH therapy can also increase your sex drive and promote better sexual function to put a youthful spark back in your relationship.

There are number of options for HGH therapy, including injections, pills, and oral sprays. HGH injections carry a great deal of risk, are only available by prescription, and are prohibitively expensive for most people. In contrast, HGH supplements are safe are affordable for most people.

If you are considering homeopathic growth hormone to boost faltering HGH levels, a natural HGH releaser pill is the best option. Unlike sprays, pills are rapidly absorbed and delivered throughout the bloodstream, causing HGH levels to build quickly to an optimal level. Many of these supplements also contain additional nutrients to combat aging by boosting the body's own production of growth hormone in a natural, gentle way.

HGH has been hailed by some as a fountain of youth, and research shows that increasing HGH levels can have powerful effects on body composition, visible signs of aging, mood, and energy levels. Because these supplements are affordable, the best way to test this is to try an HGH product for yourself.