How HGH Releasers Work

Human growth hormone (HGH) production is stimulated by the pituitary gland in the brain, and peaks in late adolescence or early adulthood. Contrary to what the name suggests, HGH isn't just responsible for growth. In fact, it controls a whole host of other important physiological processes. A decline in HGH levels causes a number of problems that are commonly associated with aging.

Signs of aging that typically accompany diminished HGH levels include weight gain, poor mood, wrinkles, brittle hair and nails, decreased immune function, and decreased sex drive. Starting around age 21, growth hormone levels begin to decline an average of 14 percent per decade, so that by age 50, most people are deficient in this vital hormone. Fortunately, HGH releasers can be used to combat low HGH levels.

What are HGH Releasers?

There are a couple of different ways to boost HGH levels. One of these ways is direct injection or supplementation of growth hormone, and another is to stimulate the body to make more of its own natural HGH. An HGH releaser is any substance that stimulates the body's own production of growth hormone.

Many HGH releasers are combined with HGH in the form of pills or oral sprays. Amino acids may help your body boost growth hormone production alone, but when combined with HGH in a supplement, these substances work synergistically to help your body reach optimum HGH levels.

What Can HGH Releasers Do for Anti-aging?

Because growth hormone levels have such a powerful effect on so many of the biological processes associated with aging, HGH releasers can actually halt or reverse many common signs of aging.

One of the best known uses of HGH releasers is to help lose weight and improve muscle tone. Growth hormone has powerful effects on body composition, resulting in improved metabolism, greater lean muscle mass, and loss of body fat. These effects are apparent even in the absence of a controlled diet and exercise plan, though a healthy lifestyle combined with HGH releasers will yield the best results.

HGH releasers also restore a youthful appearance by improving the elasticity of the skin, smoothing wrinkles, and promoting the growth of strong and healthy hair and nails. Increasing HGH levels in the body can also improve memory, focus, and concentration, and helps boost energy levels and fight depression and fatigue.

Achieving optimal HGH levels can also increase flexibility, promote faster healing, and promote better sexual function and increased sex drive.

Side Effects of HGH Releaser

Because HGH releasers are created from an all natural formulation there is virtually no risk of side effects. This is in sharp contrast to HGH injections, which are enormously expensive (on the order of tens of thousands of dollars per year), and carry a great deal of risk.

Cost of HGH Releaser

When compared to HGH injections, an HGH releaser is many times less expensive. The cost of injections starts at a low of $10,000 per year, putting them out of reach for the average person. The cost of HGH releasers varies from one brand to another, but typically runs around $60 or less for a full month's supply. Many physicians agree that best way for the average consumer to reap the benefits of HGH, without any complicated sprays or injections, is by taking HGH in a pill form.

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