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At some point everyone who gets involved in bodybuilding comes to a crossroads in the way they think about the pursuit. The decision that they have to make is between viewing bodybuilding as a hobby or as a lifetime commitment based on a goal of achieving some that will set them apart from ordinary men. If they choose to make this commitment they will faced with other decisions which will end up having a great effect on their ultimate success level.

For one thing they will have to choose the absolute best training methods and stick to them religiously. They will also need to pay close attention and keep to the best methods related to using recovery periods. And, they will need to find and stay true to the very best practices when it comes to nutrition. But there is one more thing that cannot be overlooked in all of this and that is the choices that they must make when it comes to the use of bodybuilding supplements.

The reason this is so critical is simply because of the many incredible advances that have been made of the years in this particular field. In essence, because of the power of these supplements no one who chooses not to use them can hope to compete with those that do. It is a simple fact that the right choices in supplements can lead to gains which could never be achieved before their arrival and cannot be achieved without them. And, to achieve the kind of gains that are possible today one must have the energy to fuel their pursuits. This means finding a supplement that provides the greatest possible level of BCAA's or branched-chain amino acid.

For those who may not be familiar with the power or BCAA's the simple fact is that they provide the body with the necessary elements needed to greatly increase the amount of nitric oxide that it produces which allows for the highest levels of transfer of oxygen and nutrients to all of the major muscle groups.

The downside to all of these great advances in the uses of BCAA's is that they have become so popular and successful that the industry that produces them has become overrun with new products offering them. It is now to the point where there are literally hundreds of these types of products on the market and, despite the fact that most claim to use a top rated set of ingredients many of them have been proven to be far less effective than the best that the industry is offering. This is largely due to the fact that more and more companies are jumping in to what has become a multi-billion dollar market in order to get their slice of the pie. Of course, this has led to a great deal of confusion and frustration among consumers as the battle the many competing narratives as to which are the best products to buy.

Knowing all of this we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about bodybuilding and athletic energy booster - it's called SciVation Xtend.

About SciVation Xtend

As with all products of this kind there are numerous claims which are made by the producer that are difficult to assess based on what is known including all data from the manufacturer as well as outside sources. As we move forward we will try to separate fact from fiction even though much of what is known is open to interpretation.

SciVation Ingredients

As with most of the products in this category of bodybuilding supplements the core active ingredients in SciVation are a series of BCAA's or branched-chain amino acid which is an amino acid with an aliphatic side-chain with a branch - a central carbon atom attached to three or more carbon atoms. As with all supplements in this class of proteinogenic amino acids, there are just three BCAA's including leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

What The Research Shows

As with any product in this class of supplements the key factor when looking at any product and is trying to figure out just how safe and effective the product may be when it comes to the actual set of ingredients as well as a subject that goes far beyond that - the way in which those elements are formulated. One way to see this is to imagine a product which may well have all of the top rated ingredients but at levels which are less than the requisite doses. The end result would probably be a product that would not, in the end, be very effective. To avoid issues of this kind the most reputable sellers use a significant level of research, studies and clinical tests to establish the product's level of safety and effectiveness.

Conducting a search of numerous sources based on both the manufacturer and several outside and unconnected resources we were not able to locate any verifiable data related to any research, studies or clinical trials which would support the many claims being made here.

Independent User Reviews

In the age of the internet most sellers have to deal with is the fact that a great many consumers have a great deal of suspicion of what can be called tried and true sales tactics. On the other hand that most consumers have been proven to have trust in are user testimonials and user reviews. The issue that pops up with these types of comments is that they are most often viewed by consumers on websites and in other forms of marketing materials which are produced and stay under the control of the producer. This establishes what can only be seen as a situation which has an obvious and inherent bias as the producer would not likely post comments that were anything less than highly positive. Knowing this we always seek out less biased sources of user comments.

In a survey of numerous industry related websites with no known connection to SciVation Xtend or its producer as well as multiple chat rooms and forums dedicated to talking about bodybuilding supplements we located a great many examples of independent user reviews for this SciVation Xtend. A tally of the end ratings made it apparent that the vast majority of the users had a quite negative view of their experience even with the use of it for a month or more.

SciVation Health Concerns

Based on the fact that these types of products have a long track record of use with no serious health concerns in otherwise healthy users we see no reason to believe that there is any significant cause for concern. However, it is always best to seek a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any product of a similar composition.

How To Purchase SciVation Xtend

With no official product website consumers must turn to a number of online retail platforms. As of the time of publication a one month supply is priced at $26.80.

The Conclusion

When it comes to supplements that provide the requisite amount of energy necessary for top level bodybuilding training one has to look at those that provide the highest levels of BCAA's. What we set out to find was whether SciVation Xtend was among the top choices. To determine this we looked at three key factors.

One was the set of ingredients and here we found that they are in line with the top performers in the field. Another was related to what data there may be to support the many claims being made for this product and, as discussed, we could not find any credible or verifiable reports which would show that any testing of this nature has been conducted. The final factor had to do with what independent users were writing about the experiences with SciVation Xtend and the results show that they did not have a high opinion of their own interactions with this product.

Putting all of these factors together is appears clear that SciVation Xtend cannot seriously be considered one of the best available options for truly committed bodybuilders.

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