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Biogenica is a human growth hormone product offered as a sublingual (under the tongue) spray. Boasting an impressive list of homeopathic ingredients and other hormone releasers, Biogenica promises better sleep, more energy, and a notable improvement in the effects of exercise. Apparently targeted towards bodybuilders, Biogenica promises more stamina, strength and muscle mass.

Biogenica Review

The main information needed to review Biogenica as a mainstream human growth hormone product can be found without even reading the ingredients. Unlike many HGH products promising to fight the effects of aging, the only promise Biogenica makes to non-athletes and bodybuilders is that they may experience better sleep in as little time as a week. All of the major benefits spelled out by the makers of Biogenica are promised to bodybuilders. With more and more people looking to take advantage of the anti-aging properties of human growth hormone, it is no longer just bodybuilders and serious athletes in the market for these products. Biogenica makes no promises to the average person.

Biogenica Ingredients

Biogenica has a long list of proven human growth hormone associated ingredients. Included in the active components are Somatropin 6x (HGH), IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), IGF-II, adrenal gland, RNA and many more. Many of the ingredients in Biogenica are proven human growth hormone releasers, and the Somatropin and IGF-1 are homeopathic versions of hormones naturally found within the body. While the concentrations of these ingredients are freely available, exact measurements are not. Assuming that Biogenica conforms to label standards, Somatropin would be the most abundant active ingredient included, but just pointing it out as the most abundant does not provide an accurate picture of exact amounts in each dosage.

Buy Biogenica

Biogenica is available through several major online retailers and quite easy to find. When shopping for Biogenica from any site other than that of the manufacturer, be sure to evaluate each vendor's individual sales, shipping, trial and refund policies. In ordering Biogenica from the product's main site, a consumer can expect a price of about $40 for a bottle comprising a one month supply.

Interestingly, while contact information for the Biogenica company is available, the site has absolutely no information on return policies or satisfaction guarantees. In this case, it is best to simply assume that Biogenica is non-returnable and be extremely sure about the purchase.

Does Biogenica Work?

The question is, Does Biogenica really work? For bodybuilders and athletes, the 6x concentration of Somatropin is actually quite significant, however as the body adjusts to the boost the any results to be had will eventually taper off as most user-reviews show.

This product is not a good match for someone looking to simply harness the true anti-aging powers of HGH. Though the promise of better sleep is tempting, there are several other non-hormonal over the counter products that can aid with sleep issues, making Biogenica expensive and unnecessary for the average consumer.

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