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HGH Dopa
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HGH Dopa, produced by America's Finest, Inc., is a human growth hormone releaser product delivered in capsule form. Designed to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce natural human growth hormone, it promises to fight the signs of aging with such benefits as improved immune function, organ regeneration, decrease in body fat and much more.

HGH Dopa Review

HGH Dopa contains no actual human growth hormone. As an HGH releaser, it is intended to naturally produce human growth hormone from the body's own glands, as the level of human growth hormone secreted from the pituitary gland decreases as we age. However, consumers may find themselves disappointed with the results as the body can take weeks, if ever, to get use to this.

HGH Dopa Ingredients

HGH Dopa contains only one active ingredient – Mucuna Pruriens extract. HGH Dopa gets its name from this ingredient, as Mucuna Pruriens is a natural source of L-dopa. L-dopa travels through the blood to enter the brain, where it is converted into Dopamine. L-dopa also stimulates the release of human growth hormone. In instructing the consumption of 6 to 8 capsules before bed, HGH Dopa attempts to increase HGH production during sleep, when the body is not engaging in activities such as exercise that would produce a comparable amount alone.

Buy HGH Dopa

HGH Dopa is available through several online dietary supplement retailers, but oddly cannot be ordered from the manufacturer, America's Finest, Inc. With this being the case, free shipping, free trials, discounts and return policies are all at the whim of the individual retailer, so a consumer would be wise to investigate all HGH Dopa purchases carefully. The average price for a bottle of 250 HGH Dopa capsules is about $45. Careful searching will bring up the occasional sale price or deal. A bottle of 250 capsules will last about one month, with the recommended regimen being three months on, one month off. If purchasing HGH Dopa, be sure to factor the four months needed for full results against the likely limited return policy. While the price is competitive, dissatisfied customers may be left with a substantial supply on their hands.

Does HGH Dopa Work?

The issue with HGH Dopa is its active ingredient, Mucuna Pruriens extract. This is not a human growth hormone releaser or stimulant ingredient. Mucuna Pruriens extract is a source of L-dopa, which, when it travels to the brain, produces dopamine, which stimulates HGH release. Aside from the fact that high levels of dopamine within the body can cause serious health problems, this is assuming that the dopamine is ever produced. As a capsule, HGH Dopa must be digested completely enough so that the Mucuna Pruriens extract is released into the body. If that occurs, then L-dopa must also be released and travel through the bloodstream to the brain where yet another chemical is produced which should, in theory (though not conclusively proven), stimulate HGH production. And as HGH Dopa contains less Mucuna Pruriens extract per dose than competing capsule products, the true effects of the HGH Dopa capsule are limited, if they occur at all.

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