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Genf20 HGH
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Genf20 HGH is a capsule form of HGH releaser that claims to make users immune to the passage of time. Relying on the anti-aging properties of human growth hormones, Genf20 claims their product will help diminish wrinkles, assist in fat burning and muscle building, and reduce the overall signs of body aging. As a capsule, Genf20 HGH is an HGH releaser rather than a pure HGH product, as the human growth hormone molecule cannot effectively be absorbed by the digestive system.

Genf20 HGH Review

One of the biggest benefits of Genf20 HGH is that it is one of the oldest, most established HGH products on the market. However, with new advancements in human growth hormone happening constantly, being the oldest does not necessarily mean the best. New users of HGH products may want to steer towards current technologies while others may be more comfortable with Genf20's longevity.

Genf20 HGH also suffers the burden of being a capsule with an undisclosed proprietary blend. The masking of the ingredients in Genf20 HGH's proprietary blend of amino acids makes it suspect to overall ineffectiveness.

Genf20 HGH Ingredients

Genf20 HGH is a human growth hormone releaser and therefore contains no actual HGH. It contains a blend of amino acids designed to stimulate the pituitary gland into producing natural HGH. Included are amino acids such as lysine, glutamine and glycine, along with others, though no amounts are given. As mentioned above, it also contains GTF Chromium as the first item listed, with no indication of amount.

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The manufacturers of Genf20 HGH offer several package deals, the highest of which is the Diamond Package. It contains a one year supply of Genf20 HGH, plus several free bonuses that include free shipping. The Diamond Package is $400. Any purchase of a five month supply or more will include free shipping and one or two bonuses. A one month supply is about $50 and does not include shipping.

Does Genf20 HGH Work?

As a standard HGH releaser, Genf20 HGH does not stand out from the pack. The manufacturer's website claims immediate benefits such as improved sleep, clearer vision and much more but does not disclose the ingredients. No matter the makeup of ingredients, an HGH releaser such as Genf20 HGH cannot stimulate the release of enough HGH to provide such instant results. Over time, the buildup of HGH within the body may accomplish some of these promises, but those choosing Genf20 HGH due to the promise of “immediate benefits” will be disappointed.

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