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HGH Release, from ZLabs, is a human growth hormone releaser product claiming such benefits as reduced fat and cellulite, increased strength and improved memory. As we age, the naturally occurring levels of human growth hormone within our bodies decreases, causing the signs of aging we see and feel. HGH Release seeks to reverse the effects of aging by encouraging the release of natural human growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

HGH Release Review

HGH Release makes the mistake of claiming to be a "3rd Generation" formula. The truth is the ingredients in HGH Release, while beneficial in any other circumstance, are at best commonplace and can be obtained in any grocer's vitamin isle. HGH Release runs into another problem with its dosage. Like many low dose HGH products, HGH Release does not contain actual HGH. HGH Release tires to make up for this by bad-mouthing other forms and brands of HGH on their company website.

HGH Release Ingredients

As a human growth hormone releaser, HGH Release contains no actual HGH. Instead, it contains several amino acids that, when combined, stimulate the pituitary gland into producing more human growth hormone. These amino acids include glutamine, glycine and lysine, along with GABA and the popular Anterior Pituitary. Unfortunately, no measurements or amounts are given in the manufacturer's literature on HGH Release, except to say that the entire proprietary blend totals 2895mg per serving. Without specific amounts of each ingredient, it is hard to imagine how HGH Release has crafted any workable combination of ingredients in such a small dosage size.

Buy HGH Release

Though the manufacturer's site indicates that a one month supple of HGH Release is priced at $59.95. While there is no free trial offered, a badge on the product site indicates a 90 day guarantee. Confusingly, however, the manufacturer's policy page spells out only a 30 day return policy under which one opened bottle and one unopened bottle of HGH Release are the maximum that will be refunded. Consumers interested in HGH Release may find themselves stuck with several unopened bottles of the product if it does not meet their expectations, so buying in bulk is not advised.

Does HGH Release Work?

Like most HGH products in pill form, HGH Release does not live up to its promises. While it boasts an impressive list of ingredients proven to do well in other human growth hormone formulas, the lack of information regarding quantities goes far towards explaining the lack of results observed. Unfortunately, with the small dosage size anything beyond brief superficial increases in energy level do not occur, and even that tapers off. Whether it is the fault of the format or the combination of ingredients is impossible to tell, but HGH Releaser does not have any significant, lasting effect after a period of adjustment.

Update March 2016: This product appears to have been discontinued.

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