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Secretagogue Gold is a human growth hormone releaser product sold in powder form. The powder is mixed into water and taken orally once a day before bed. As an HGH releaser, the product is designed to stimulate the release of natural human growth hormone by the pituitary gland. Much like pills and unlike HGH sprays, Secretagogue Gold must be processed through the digestive system.

Secretagogue Gold Review

Delivered in a powder form that must be dissolved in water and digested, Secretagogue Gold faces a disadvantage against other HGH products which are more easily absorbed, like supplements for instance. Secretagogue Gold must be taken on an empty stomach several hours before any meal, making the evening hours just before bedtime the only optimal window. The need for the product to be mixed for every dose in an inconvenience. It cannot be taken as needed in any location, unlike an HGH supplement. Also, there is the matter of taste, which is far from pleasant, and may present problems in consumers with more sensitive stomachs.

Secretagogue Gold Ingredients

The ingredients list is really where Secretagogue Gold brings up questions. As a dietary supplement, it is remarkably comprehensive. Containing potassium, niacin, B-6, zinc and much more, Secretagogue Gold along with a daily multi-vitamin would be an excellent addition to a healthy diet. However, Secretagogue Gold is not a vitamin, it is an HGH product intended to act as an anti-aging aid. That's where the stack of amino acids come in. Secretagogue Gold has a proprietary blend of glycine, glutamine and lysine, among others, along with GABA. The issue here is that the amounts of these ingredients are not disclosed. This makes it difficult to compare with other products or evaluate whether or not the product is working as intended.

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Secretagogue Gold is sold online by Maximum Health Performance (MPH). A single package containing 30 individual packets is sold through the manufacturer's main website for $90 per box, with a discount down to $75 a box for two or more. However, by searching several sites carefully, it is possible to find this supplement for as low as $40 per box. There do not seem to be any free trials offered, and unless you find an individual dealer with their own return policy, no offers of refunds are made. Therefore, it is wise to proceed with caution when purchasing this product.

Does Secretagogue Gold Work?

The main literature on Secretagogue Gold describes such benefits as increased muscle tone and decreased body fat, along with reductions in signs of aging such as increased energy, healthier hair and a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, the product claims to induce increased sexual performance, mental performance and immune system performance. While many users of the product have claimed to experience a small drop in weight (usually around five pounds) and an increase in energy, the promised effects on the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and thinning hair fail to materialize. The fact that Secretagogue Gold keeps the amounts of their ingredients a secret makes it difficult to know what exactly you are paying for. Additionally, the method of delivery - a mixed drink - make it even more difficult to assess how much of the active ingredients are being absorbed into the system.

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