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HGH Gold, by Truwell Health and Wellness products is a human growth hormone releaser product sold in powder form. Intended to be mixed into water and consumed as a beverage, the manufacturers of HGH Gold claim that users of the product will experience greater stamina, an increase in overall energy and an overall aid in the fight against body aging.

HGH Gold Review

HGH Gold contains an impressive blend of ingredients, described below. In addition to the active ingredients, it also contains several generally necessary dietary supplement standards such as zinc, magnesium and iron. Unfortunately for HGH Gold, it is marketed as a human growth hormone product and not a multi-vitamin. With the limited amount of ingredients that are able to be absorbed due to the nature of powder products, HGH Gold falls flat as a significant tool in battling the signs of aging and ends up providing nothing more significant than what could be found in a protein shake and walk around the block.

HGH Gold Ingredients

HGH Gold contains a multitude of dietary supplement ingredients such as Vitamin A, Calcium and Niacin, among many others. The active ingredients in HGH Gold are a proprietary blend of amino acids intended to stimulate the pituitary gland to release natural human growth hormone within the body. Consisting of lysine, glycine and tyrosine, along with several more, there are 1500mg of this blend present in each dose of HGH Gold. The manufacturers of HGH Gold claim that liquid delivery method of the powdered product increase the “bioavailability” of these ingredients to the body; however, they still must pass through the digestive system which leads to only a small amount of active ingredient being absorbed.

Buy HGH Gold

HGH Gold is available for $60 per box through the Truwell website, which includes shipping and handling. Though available through several other online retailers with their own individual policies, the manufacturer's site does not offer free trials, bulk discounts or other sales. The refund policy for HGH Gold is rather severe. Defective products may be returned within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and handling costs. All unused HGH Gold must be returned, and since shipping and handling cost is bundled in, it is difficult to know what exactly will be refunded. Also, 30 days is a very limited window to decide if such a product is defective.

Does HGH Gold Work?

Though there are many delivery methods of human growth hormone, such as shots, sprays, pills, and powders like HGH Gold, a powder is weakest delivery form. The reason for this is due to the tendency of liquid to largely pass through the digestive system, unabsorbed. While HGH Gold contains an impressive array of human growth hormone releasers, they can't be effective if they never make it into the system to begin with.

The levels of HGH produced through the ingestion of the HGH Gold packets is enough to give human growth hormone production a temporary boost, possibly causing a brief increase in energy and stamina. However, the body will eventually adjust to the low level of stimulation provided and any observed results will taper off before achieving any substantial change.

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