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ProBlen is a homeopathic human growth hormone spray intended to assist in the fight against the signs of aging. Containing lab-created human growth hormone rather than releasers, it is an attractive prospect to those researching HGH products and their benefits. With such effects as weight loss, increased vigor, and increased immune function, ProBlen's mix of active ingredients indicates that it may be a strong contender in the growing HGH market.

ProBlen Review

Despite the inclusion of several proven homeopathic versions of naturally occurring hormones, consumers would be wise to look at the concentrations included and consider their individual situations. Without HGH releaser ingredients included, ProBlen relies on the spray delivery method and concentrations of hormones to bring about the promised results. For those in excellent shape with healthy diets, ProBlen may be disappointing. The two ends of the fitness spectrum - the sedentary and the athlete or bodybuilder - may experience temporary results from ProBlen, with the average consumer being essentially left out in the cold.

ProBlen Ingredients

ProBlen has a combination of three powerful homeopathic active ingredients. These are human growth hormone, liver extract and pituitary extract. However, despite how powerful these ingredients are, the concentrations combined with the water necessary for the spray delivery method to work lead to undetectable amounts present in each dose. One of the seemingly attractive features of a spray product is the small dose needed for effectiveness - just a couple of sprays under the tongue once or twice a day. With that small of a dose, the ingredients suffer from two effects. One, the dilution of the ingredients combined with the small dose lead to very little actual HGH in each dose, and two, the more ingredients that are present, the less of each can be present in each dose. ProBlen has a double set of drawbacks working against it.

Buy ProBlen

ProBlen is available online from the manufacturer with many different pricing options. A single bottle (one month's supply) sells for $40.46, with discounts for bulk purchase and an enrollment in an autoship program. An exhaustive search of the manufacturer's site provides no information on return policies, satisfaction guarantees or defective products. Those dissatisfied with ProBlen may have to consider that they will be out a significant amount of money before investing in the product.

Does ProBlen Work?

Does ProBlen work? Yes and no. The effects of ProBlen are extremely dependent on individual lifestyle. Those who are completely sedentary and those who participate in rigorous and regular exercise programs such as bodybuilders and athletes will enjoy some of the promised benefits of ProBlen. For those new to exercise and healthy lifestyles, a little kick to get started will result and for the experienced, possibly a boost to break through a recent plateau. Even these groups of people, however, will soon experience diminishing returns as the body adjusts to the very mild stimulation from the low concentrations of active ingredients in ProBlen. The average person, however, and arguably the person most likely to be shopping for human growth hormone these days, is likely to be disappointed. With more natural HGH than a sedentary person and less than an athlete, the average person will fall right into the gap where ProBlen is least effective.

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