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GenFX is an HGH releaser sold in soluble caplet form. Designed to replace costly and painful human growth hormone injections, the once daily caplet seeks to restore production of HGH within the body. As we age, our bodies naturally slow down the rate at which human growth hormone is naturally produced, resulting in decreased energy, loss of muscle mass, and other signs of aging. The specially formulated combination of HGH releasers contained in GenFX naturally stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete more human growth hormone, turning back the hands of time.

GenFX Ingredients

As a human growth hormone releaser product, GenFX contains a combination of ingredients designed to stimulate the pituitary gland in your body. In this way, GenFX does not give you HGH, but instead, encourages your body to produce natural HGH. There are no dangerous or synthetic hormones included. The ingredients included make up an impressive list, starting with an amino acid stack that contains lysine, glutamine and glycine, which work in concert with each other to simulate the pituitary. Additionally, GenFX contains other proven HGH releasers like anterior pituitary, a powerful pituitary gland stimulator.

Buy GenFX

GenFX is available online in boxes that contain one month's supply of caplets. Not only is a one month supply of GenFX extremely competitively priced at $49.95, every order also comes with one free box as well. On top of that, there are discounts for quantity purchases, as much as a savings of $250 on a twelve month supply. Aside from the generous discounts, GenFX also comes with a 6 month, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take advantage of the quantity discounts and try the product for 90 days. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can simply return the empty containers for a full refund. You can also return any unopened product as well, and that too will be included in the refund. After the 90 day trial, you have a full 180 days more to return the empty GenFX boxes, for a full six months total.

Does GenFX Work?

GenFX's uniquely powerful combination makes it one of the front runners in the current explosion of human growth hormone products on the market. Almost immediately, the effects of the increase in HGH production are felt as an increase in energy and stamina. Over a short time, even more of the anti-aging effects of human growth hormone are felt, through more productive workouts. The boost provided by GenFX aids in the development of lean muscle and increases fat burning for those just starting exercise regimens as well as those with already established routines. On top of the fitness benefits, healthier skin and hair, a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, and better sleep become apparent as well. Within six months, the full realm of effects of GenFX is going strong. However, for some people six months is a long time to wait, and other products in the market deliver results sooner, such as Ultra Edge XL.

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