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So, you're a bodybuilder, right? What's the one thing you want from each and every workout session? If you're like every serious lifter I know then that one thing is to maximize the gains made from every grueling and glorious workout. That's where R+ALA comes in, or so, it claims to. The bottom line here is that this bodybuilding supplement claims to promote the fastest and larger increase in muscle growth by maximizing the intake of glycogen which results in increasing the activity of insulin in the bloodstream, which in turn, increases the amount of nutrients supplied to the muscle tissue. We are here today to test the evidence and see just how well it performs.

Inside R+ALA

Looking at the chemical chain reaction as described we see the basic problem this product was created to solve. As discussed, the issue is that without maximizing the intake of glycogen to help create more insulin which drives the delivery of nutrients through the bloodstream and onto to the muscle tissue, a serious bodybuilder is just not taking full advantage of the workout. So, in essence, the fewer nutrients flowing to the targeted muscle tissue the less effective the workout.

Another aspect of this process comes in to play with the need to maximize muscle recovery. Again, any serious bodybuilder knows how important Creatine is to the process but what they may not know is that combining Creatine with glycogen creates an incredibly effective compound known for its ability to help muscle tissue recover from a strenuous workout in the fastest time and the highest known degree while acting as a powerful antioxidant.

How R+ALA Works

One of the key attributes of R+ALA claims to promote is that the compound work to help the user build new lean muscle mass in the fastest and easiest known way - a method that allows the user to burn excess lipids that build up in certain skin tissues. By doing so, the intake of nutrients is speeded up and maximized so that the user not only burns fat, but greatly increases strength and stamina leading up to and following workout sessions.

The Active Ingredients

The two main active ingredients in R+ALA are Lipoic Acid and Magnesium Stearate. The Lipoic Acid works to turn fat and lipids into energy while the Magnesium Stearate works to build on the body's circulatory system in order to creative the most receptive pathways for the nutrients to reach the intended muscle mass.

These combined effects can, in the right conditions and circumstances, lead to an incredible reduction in boy fat while building on the gains made in increasing stamina and endurance.

What To Expect

The manufacturer claims that significant results can be noticed in as little as two weeks of recommended use.

The Pros

  • Contains elements known to be strong antioxidants.
  • Lipoic Acid has been shown in multiple studies to be of great benefit in increasing life expectancy.
  • Contains many ingredients known to reduce inflammation in body joints and muscle tissue.
  • Contains many highly respected elements that promote cognitive abilities and prevent the degradation of neural pathways.
  • Contains elements know for their properties needed to enhance the user's metabolic rate.


  • This products price point is considerably higher that many similar competitors.
  • A considerable number of reports related to allergic reactions have led to a high number of negative user referrals.
  • The product is only available through its official manufacturer's website and there are a high number of complaints online related to poor performance with regard to deliveries of the product.
  • A high number of reported claims that the products money back guarantee is not meeting the standards many users would expect including long delays in payment and even legal proceedings over non-payment.

Safety Issues And Precautions

It is advised that this product be taken with large quantities of water to avoid digestive issues and facilitate quick absorption into the user's bloodstream for accelerated nutrient disbursement.

This product is designed for males over the age of eighteen years and should never be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing.

Side Effects

There have been reports of lowered libido and or raised libido, dryness of the throat and aggressiveness are some of the reported negative side effects of the product.

As always, it is highly recommended that any potential user consult with a qualified medical professional before beginning a regular regimen of this product or any similar supplement.

The Research

There is little evidence of any clinical trials or studies dedicated directly to this product. Whatever evidence as to this product's overall effectiveness seems to be predicated on the information of the basic ingredients and their individual history and not that of the specific formula for R+ALA itself.

Pricing and Dosage

The manufacturer recommends that one capsule of R+ALA be taken at least three times a week. Higher doses can be taken but only upon the recommendation of a qualified medical professional.

Our Conclusion

As discussed at the beginning of this article, the one thing any serious bodybuilder wants is to maximize his workout for the greatest and fastest physical gains possible. What we found with R+ALA is that it offers multiple claims based on some well recognized studies related to the individual ingredients included in its formula.

Given the information both provided by the manufacturer and from other, more independent sources, it is extremely hard to verify any of the claims based on the hard to find and sometimes nonexistent information related to the exact quality and quantities used to create this product's exact formulation.

It is our view that there are many top performers on the market today that offer these same kinds of ingredients in highly verifiable formulations. These brands also tend to have a long history of delivering excellent results with little or no problems related to poor user reviews, known side effects or legal actions.

Add to these factors the cost of R+ALA and you end up with a growing list of negatives that just cannot be ignored easily.

In the end, the consensus here is clear, if you want to maximize the bloodstream flow in order to pass the highest possible concentration of nutrients to help grow lean muscle mass in the fastest, safest and most efficient method then using a high level body building supplement is definitely advisable. The key is the find the right one for you and from our analysis, R+ALA is not likely the right one for you.

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