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GHR1000 is a human growth hormone pill designed to fight the effects of aging. One of the primary causes of aging is the decrease of human growth hormone produced in the body. GHR1000 seeks to reverse the effects of this decrease, allowing users to build muscle mass, burn fat and remove wrinkles, among other benefits. But does GHR100 really work?

GHR1000 Review

GHR1000 is designed to stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally produce more of your own natural human growth hormone in order to counteract the effects of aging. The amino acids contained in GHR1000 are especially intended to have this effect on people who have a poor diet low in protein, or exercise infrequently or not at all.

The main downfall with GHR1000 is it's mild formula. If you are already living an active life with a healthy diet, the levels of amino acids in GHR1000 are less than those produced naturally within your own body. Therefore, in that situation, GHR1000 will have no effect on top of what your body is already doing for itself. With that in mind, it is apparent that GHR1000 does not do anything that a protein-rich diet and moderate exercise program would not do. While diet and exercise are difficult for some people, the changes required to equal or surpass the results generated by GHR1000 are a very low threshold.

GHR1000 Ingredients

GHR1000 is composed of a blend of the vitamin B-6, Glutamine, Leucine, Lysine and other amino acids. It also contains a serving of GABA. When the amino acids present in GHR1000 are combined with GABA, these building blocks of human growth hormone mildly stimulate the pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone. The concentration of all of these ingredients is quite mild per serving of GHR1000. In fact, the amount of active ingredients in a single serving is a mere fraction of what could be found in a daily healthy diet or even a single standard protein shake.

Buy GHR1000

GHR1000 is available through several online retailers. The pricing structure is rather complicated, as the price of shipping changes or disappears entirely based on the quantity of bottles purchased. One bottle costs $80, plus about $8 shipping, while three bottles are $160 with roughly $12 shipping. This encompasses one free bottle. For $480, you will receive 12 bottles of GHR1000 - six bottles plus six bottles free and no shipping cost. While free trials of GHR1000 are difficult to locate, the manufactures do offer a 75 day, money back guarantee. Any unopened bottles sent back at your own cost will be refunded, minus a 15% processing fee and not including shipping either to you or back to the company.

Does GHR1000 Work?

The low combination of amino acids and GABA found in GHR1000 may stimulate the pituitary gland to produce some natural human growth hormone, but consumers should keep in mind that these same ingredients are found in protein-rich foods and are also produced through moderate daily exercise. By replacing breakfast with a protein shake and establishing a simple, mild exercise program, the results provided by GHR1000 are easily duplicated for much less cost. Also, as a healthy diet and moderate exercise program are recommended as part of the GHR1000 program by the manufacturers, it is impossible for the average user to tell if the results they see are most likely caused by changes in lifestyle, or the mild GHR1000 pill.

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