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For serious athletes and bodybuilders there is nothing more important than the ability to maximize the benefits of each and everything that they do in their pursuit of their ultimate goals. This means that every workout, every recovery period and every ounce of nutrition that they put into their body has to reap the most gains possible.

Another aspect of this pursuit which is far too often overlooked is the use of muscle building supplements. For those who may not be well versed in what these supplements offer is the point is that they are generally made with all-natural ingredients and are designed to boost the production of nitric oxide within the user's bloodstream. Nitric oxide is critical because of its ability to carry both oxygen and nutrients to all the major muscle group and organs for a far more efficient distribution of vital elements needed for faster and more thorough processes which are responsible for maximum muscle cell reproduction.

The biggest problem associated with these muscle building supplements is that, due to their rapidly growing popularity, the market has become flooded with new entries of brands which is causing a great deal of confusion for potential buyers because even though the quality of these new brands varies greatly from good to quite poor most of them appear to contain nearly identical ingredients and make very similar claims.

This being the case, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our valued readers choose the products that are likely to work best for them, have decided to take a good hard look at one of the most talked about muscle building supplements available today - it's called EF 13.

About EF13

EF 13 is product of the Trembolex company of Toronto, Canada and is offered to U.S. residents as a free trial offer. What is interesting is that the company offers EF 13 as one part of a two part system by combining it with a second product called Dominant Testo. According to the details laid out on the official website for EF13 these two products combine to provide the end results which the company claims the products can deliver which are rapid and significant muscle growth, increased stamina and endurance for more productive workouts, more complete recovery periods and an increase in fat burn.

Active Ingredients in EF 13

The following is a list of ingredients which are common to many of the top performing brands and are well-established for their benefits. They include:

  • L-Arginine HCL: An essential amino acid necessary for the production of nitric oxide which carries both oxygen and nutrients to all major muscle groups and organs.
  • Maca Root: With over a three thousand year history of use by indigenous peoples in South and Central America this natural element is well-known for its ability to the strength of blood vessels, prevent fatigue, fend off depression, improve memory and enhance stamina and endurance levels.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Often referred to as a miracle drug by users the natural element is believed to provide multiple benefits including improvement in overall health along with an increase in sexual drive.

Clinical Data, Studies And Testing

Most consumers tend to look at the ingredients used in a product in order to determine how effective it might be. What they do not tend to understand is that there is a second and equally if not more important factor which is the way in which those ingredients are formulated. To put it in simple terms it doesn't matter how great the individual ingredients are if they are mixed or formulated in such a way that they are not fully effective. The way to know if this is the case is for the producers to do research, studies and clinical testing that would prove the product's overall efficacy.

The issue at hand here is that Trembolex has not provided any links to any such information which would show that this type of research and testing has been done and that its results provide evidence and the products claims can be backed up.

What Real Users Are Saying About EF13

Most producers of formulated products tend to offer user testimonials or user reviews as a way to convince potential buyers that their existing customers have had positive experiences with their product. However, these testimonials or user reviews that appear on official product websites and other approved marketing materials have an obvious bias given that they are produced and controlled by the seller. This being true we tend to look for more independent sources of testimonials and user reviews.

Compiling information from a number of industry related websites with no apparent affiliation to EF 13 or Trembolex Ultra as well as several internet chat rooms dedicated to discussing muscle building supplements we found numerous independent user reviews. Taking them as a whole it became clear that the majority of these had a highly negative view of their experience with EF 13. The most prominent theme among these negative views was simply that the users did not feel that they had received the kinds of benefits that they had expected.

How To Purchase EF 13

This product and its sister product, Dominant Testo, are available through the official website through a free trial offer. It should be noted that the free trial does require the use of a credit card that will be charged if a cancellation is not made as required by the terms and conditions that are part of the overall free trial offer.

The Last Word On EF 13

As discussed at the top of this review, all serious athletes and bodybuilders want to get the maximum benefits from everything that they do from workouts to recovery periods to their nutritional choices to the supplements they take. The problem with supplements, unlike those other aspects, is that knowing which supplement will likely work best is very hard to do considering the great similarity most of the available products have with all of their competitors when it comes to ingredients and claims.

When it comes to EF 13 there are just a few different points that need to be addressed in order to know whether this product stacks up well against its best competitors. The first is whether the ingredient list measures up to the top ranked brands and, in this case, it seems clear that it does.

The second point is what kind of data the producer provides to users, potential users and reviewers regarding what type of research, studies and trials may have been performed on the product's exact formulation. Unfortunately, the producers of EF 13 either have not performed this kind of research or testing or have elected not to provide that to the public.

The third and final point is what real world users of the product have to say about their experiences with EF 13. Looking at a wide swath of independent user reviews it seems clear that most users did not find that EF 13 lived up to its claims in any significant way.

Taking all of these points and assessing what they mean it seems more than clear that EF 13, at least as to how it's currently formulated, does not stand up well when compared to the best possible choices on the market for athletes and bodybuilders who want to greatly increase muscle growth, improve stamina and endurance and burn fat at a high rate.

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