HGH Products: Forms of HGH Therapy

With so many different types of human growth hormone on the market, it can be tough to evaluate which is the best HGH product. There are three types of HGH products currently available, including HGH spray, HGH pills, and HGH injections. Consider the following information to help you decide which of these is the best HGH product for you.

HGH Spray

HGH spray is a relative newcomer to the lineup of HGH products. Like HGH pills, this type of HGH product is often a diluted form of homeopathic growth hormone with additional nutrients that help enhance the body's ability to absorb the hormone, as well as stimulate the production of the body's own growth hormone.

While other types of HGH products, like HGH supplements for instance, can bring about positive changes in muscle tone, fat metabolism, mood, sex drive, and combats the signs of aging, HGH spray does a poor job of this. The main disadvantage to an HGH spray is that it is often diluted with water, and so you would have to use a spray for a prolonged time before results are seen, if any.

HGH Pills

HGH pills are a superior form of human growth hormone supplementation; and unlike HGH sprays that do not act as quickly or effectively, HGH supplements and pills typically give quick, if not immediate results. The major positive to HGH pills is that growth hormone and other ingredients in these supplements are broken down in the stomach, making more of the hormone available to circulate through the blood stream.

HGH pills are generally more cost effective than an HGH sprays and injections. When purchasing HGH products, your goal should be value instead of price. There are some HGH supplements on the market that provide both value and quality, to see which products received the best reviews check out the product reviews.

HGH Injections

HGH injections were the first HGH product introduced to the market, and they are only available with a doctor's prescription. While this is the most potent HGH product, injectable HGH has two main drawbacks. First, it has a relatively greater risk of side effects. And second, it is prohibitively expensive for most people.

Because HGH injections are high potency, they can sometimes trigger the body to shut down production of its own growth hormone. Essentially, the body detects elevated levels of growth hormone and decides there is no reason to continue producing more. At the opposite extreme, HGH injections could result in an overexposure to human growth hormone with the combination of injections and the body's natural production pushing levels dangerously high. Achieving proper HGH levels with injections is a delicate balance, and for most people, the price tag of thousands of dollars per month makes it impossible to utilize this form of HGH delivery.

Some of the possible side effects of HGH injections include arthritic conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, other bone and joint conditions, and edema (swelling of the tissues). Other risks of abnormally elevated HGH levels include diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Because of these risks and the outrageously high cost, HGH injections are not the best HGH product.

What's the Best HGH Product?

So what is the best HGH product? HGH supplements and pills provides the best value, and is safe and effective without risk of side effects. HGH releasers use potent low-dose HGH to provide a natural, easily absorbed sources of growth hormone, along with complementary nutrients to help your body better absorb the hormone, and produce more of its own. HGH supplements are a gentle way to get quick results and naturally build your body's growth hormone to an optimal level. We've researched the leading HGH supplements and are in the position to make some recommendations. Read our reviews.