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At some point along the way every man or woman who has taken up the pursuit of bodybuilding will find themselves facing some important and tough decisions. The key decision will be about whether they are going to treat the pursuit as a hobby or as a serious venture that will be a dominant part of their lives. There will also be secondary choices concerning the types of training techniques that they will utilize to reach the goals including the methods used in maximizing the benefits of their recovery periods. And, of course, they will have to deal with an ever widening number of choices when it comes to their dietary needs.

Still, for those who will choose the higher path, there will come a time when they will have to face the challenges associated with the choices surrounding supplements. Yes, this subject can leave a lot of extremely dedicated bodybuilders and other top athletes scratching their heads as they try to find the products that will help them achieve the results that will allow them to compete with the best in their field today. And, as some may already know, these supplements are critical to their overall success and have been changing and growing in power and effectiveness of the last several decades - so much so that there is no way anyone using outdated formulations can compete with those who are taking advantage of the latest products which have a distinct advantage of their predecessors.

Among the most important of these supplements are the ones designed to maximize the levels of pure and lean protein which are critical to succeeding in building up the highest levels of lean muscle mass. Within that, there are things that need to be considered as the absorption rate of protein by all of the major muscle groups is only possible when the body has a sufficiently high enough rate of nitric oxide. And, for those who may be unfamiliar with the science involved, nitric oxide is the element most responsible for carrying the crucial oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream on their way to supplying the muscle groups with the fuel that they require to achieve the highest possible gains.

The only real issue facing bodybuilders and other top athletes of today is the fact that the industry which makes these products now finds itself deluged with literally hundreds of newer products as more and more companies attempt to get their slice of what has become a multi-billion dollar market. And, as recent studies have shown, many of these entries are proving to be often less effective and, in certain cases, less safe than the best products that the industry has been providing for some time now. Further, all of this has led to a situation where more and more serious bodybuilders are struggling to find the best protein building supplements in a sea of good and not so good choices.

With all of these facts in mind we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the top protein building supplements out there, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about options on the market - it's called OxyWhey.

What To Know About OxyWhey

OxyWhey is made and distributed in the United States by a firm known as EhpLabs and claims to use a high quality blend of calories designed to provide serious bodybuilders and other top athletes with all of the necessary fuel to achieve dramatic gains and greatly increase levels of lean muscle mass. The main claim is that this is achieved through the use of BCAA's help to create the central building blocks needed to produce the highest levels of protein synthesis.

Further claims are that it allows for the highest possible levels of Creatine which research shows elevates overall endurance for the most rapid increase of muscle gain. Finally, EhpLabs states that OxyWhey uses much higher than average amounts of Glutamine to create and sustain the most overall growth from each and every recovery period.

What's In OxyWhey

Being that it is plain to see that the overall blend of ingredients used in the production of OxyWhey is rather standard compared to many of its top competitors there is no need for an in depth analysis of the individual ingredients. Still, they are said to include lean protein, essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids and the aforementioned BCAA's including Leucine, Valine and Iso-Leucine

Research And Testing

Younger consumers may not realize that having access to the list of ingredients was not always as easily available as it is now. And, what this requirement allows all consumers to see can be very helpful in determining if the product in question has the most desired ingredients and, of course, any that may not be desired such as those which may lead to medical issues such as allergic reactions. However, those consumers who want to know even more can look to and data that may have come as a result of research, studies or testing which is not always required with products of this nature depending on the region of manufacture.

Taking a survey of all of the available sources both from EhpLabs as well as several other industry sources with access to these types of reports we did not locate any credible or verifiable documents which would provide evidence that OxyWhey was ever the subject of any serious research or testing related to its individual formula.

User Reviews And Testimonials

There is no question that, in the years since the dawn of the internet, consumers have had a distinct advantage of their predecessors in their ability to see just what the experiences are for millions and millions of other consumers who have tried any number or products and services. But, over these years, many large companies have worked to counter the growing number of damaging user comments which have hurt their business. Much of this was done by investing in user comment platforms that these companies could control and, otherwise, have sway over. Since this has caused what can only be recognized as a serious matter of inherent and obvious bias we always seek out the most independent sources of user comments and reviews.

Based on a review of numerous industry related sites with no clear affiliation to EhpLabs or OxyWhey as well as a number of internet forums and chat rooms we found a large cache of independent user reviews for this product. A quick calculation of the overall user ratings proved that the large majority of them did not have a belief that OxyWhey provided them with the necessary elements to achieve maximum lean muscle growth.

Health And Safety Concerns

Since it has been well-established that the list of ingredients in OxyWhey are more than comparable to many of its top competitors there seems to be little reason for concern regarding health related issues. Still, it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning regular use of this product or any other with a similar chemical composition.

How To Buy OxyWhey

Currently, this product is available for purchase through a long list of well-known online retailers including Amazon.com, Walmart.com and GNC. The general listed retail price for a one month supply is $49.95.

OxyWhey Conclusion

Serious bodybuilders and other competitive athletes need the highest levels of protein to create the type of lean muscle mass necessary to compete. What we set out to determine is if OxyWhey was among the top choices in this category. To make that determination we decided to look closely at three key factors.

One was the list of ingredients and, in this instance, OxyWhey seems to match up well. Another factor was to assess the research and testing behind its creation and, here, we could find no credible or verifiable data that would support that finding. The last factor was simply to look at what independent user reviews have said regarding their experiences and the ratings that we saw could only be classified as being poor.

With all of the factors taken into account there is no real way that anyone could say that OxyWhey has proven itself to be among the top sources of protein boosting supplements.

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