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Sytropin, a human growth hormone releaser product offered in spray form, is currently one of the popular HGH sprays on the market. With a legion of dedicated users, the impressive amount of active ingredients in Sytropin are enough to attract the attention of anyone researching human growth hormone products. Sytropin promises to deliver increased bone density, more lean muscle mass and all the familiar claims of fighting the effects of aging -- but does Sytropin really work?

Sytropin Review

Unusually for most HGH product, Sytropin contains a large number of ingredients known to promote the secretion of natural human growth hormone from the pituitary gland, rather than just one or two. This without a doubt is what attracts many people to the product. While many HGH supplement shoppers may be surprised at the sheer amount of active HGH related ingredients contained in the bottle, they will likely be more surprised to know that this is the reason why Sytropin is not as impressive as it appears at first glance.

Sytropin Ingredients

Instead of simply concentrating on a powerful concentration of one human growth hormone releaser, Sytropin muddles its formula with other ingredients. First is GABA, present in many sprays as a supporting element to other releasers. Then, an effective addition to the GABA, is the standard amino acid stack - glutamine, lysine, tyrosine, with several others and few surprises. What is surprising, however, is the fact that while Sytropin touts its combination of so many powerful ingredients, it does not list the concentrations, amounts or any other quantifying information about them.

Buy Sytropin

Sytropin is sold only from the manufacturer and approved distributors over the internet and by mail order. Luckily, the manufacturers are very clear about return policies and guarantees, a refreshing change from many other HGH products. One bottle of Sytropin, intended to last a month, is $60, plus $7 shipping. Discounts are offered for quantity purchases, with the same flat rate shipping cost - $120 for three bottles and $200 for six bottles (four plus two free).

Does Sytropin Work?

With its comprehensive ingredient list full of human growth hormone releasers, a consumer may expect a lot from Sytropin. Unfortunately, it is the extensive list of ingredients that proves to be Sytropin's downfall. Instead of concentrating on a significant concentration of a single proven ingredient, Sytropin spreads itself far too thin by cramming as many in as possible.

One of the attractive features of a spray product is the convenience and ease of taking it - a few squirts under the tongue, which comprise a very small amount of liquid. As each dose is so small, it is impossible for a significant amount of any one of those ingredients to be present when they are all vying for such limited space in the water base.

Consumers who lead a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle may receive a temporary boost with Sytropin and the start of a moderate workout routine, which may very well be worth the price for those in need of such encouragement. However, anyone looking for significant and lasting results, or in good shape to begin with, will not see any increase in HGH production or any of the promised effects.

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