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Deer antler velvet injections have gained plenty of attention recently because of their ability to aid in muscle development and muscle growth. These same injections have received even more press since being banned by the NFL and MLB as an illegal performance enhancer, since its benefits are similar to Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Thanks to all this publicity, a bevy of new deer velvet-related supplements have appeared on the market, with each product claiming to be more effective than the next.

Unfortunately, many of these supplements are totally ineffective, because deer antler velvet in tablet form doesn’t carry the same benefit that injections do, and many times companies use inferior antler velvet to make the product. People have been waiting for a different way to conveniently and effectively get the benefits of deer velvet at home, and now it’s here. A new sublingual (under the tongue) deer antler velvet spray has recently hit the market, and all our testers have been raving about its benefits. It’s called Antler Force, and it may just change the way we all think about deer velvet.

With regular use and a healthy lifestyle, Antler Force:

  • Builds muscle
  • Boosts overall muscle performance
  • Aids in metabolism
  • Speeds recovery time

Antler Force Ingredients

Antler Force has no frills - its only active ingredient is deer antler velvet. The antler velvet used in antler force are humanely harvested from the antlers of deer in New Zealand (no need to worry about the deer - they naturally regrow a new set of antlers each year). This same deer antler velvet has been used for centuries as an important part of Asian medicine.

The secret behind the effectiveness of deer velvet is a protein inside known as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is a hormone that is naturally created by the body as a response to the release of HGH. IGF helps increase metabolism, aids in muscle recovery, helps boost muscle strength, and is an important part of the growth process in kids and teens. Unfortunately, IGF-1 production slows once we reach adulthood, so re-introducing it into the body allows the body to build muscle and recover at the rapid rates that it did when you were in your teens, without the side effects of HGH or testosterone treatment.

Does Antler Force Work?

After our own in-depth testing and research, we have concluded that yes, Antler Force works, and it works well for two reasons: first, it’s made with better ingredients than other supplements, and secondly it uses a suspended microparticle sublingual spray system. The deer antler velvet in Antler Force only uses the highest quality deer antler velvet available- which comes from deer in New Zealand. Once harvested, the velvet in Antler Force has been refined to microparticle size and suspended in its most effective state, which allows for nearly instantaneous absorption into the bloodstream once you spray a dose under your tongue. These two factors combine for maximum effectiveness.

Our testers who used Antler Force reported that antler force did indeed boost workout results and muscle recovery time over a period of several weeks. Testers also mentioned a boost in day-to-day energy levels and some even reported enhanced sexual ability. The claims about improved workout results, energy, and recovery time mirror the conclusions of clinical studies that have been conducted on various forms of deer velvet; however, no studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of deer antler as a sexual enhancer.

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