Producing More Human Growth Hormone With AstraGin

People of all ages - especially those who suffer from age-related health issues, or those who want to improve their fitness - are learning about the benefits of human growth hormone. Sometimes referred to as HGH for short, this hormone is basically the fountain of youth, but it's produced by your own body. However, things like age, fluctuating hormone levels, lack of exercise, and a poor diet inhibit your body's ability to produce optimal levels of HGH. Growth hormone supplements help those who, in addition to making certain lifestyle changes, want to improve their HGH levels.

There are certain natural ingredients which you need to check for if you want to make sure you're getting a good HGH supplement. One such ingredient, known as AstraGin, is as rare as it is effective. Below, we'll go into detail about this fantastic compound and explain how it rejuvenates your body through increased HGH production.

What is AstraGin?


AstraGin is a combination of Panax Ginseng and Astragalus root. These natural botanical extracts, when used in tandem, help make other natural HGH-enhancement ingredients (like BCAAs) produce more HGH in your body. Without AstraGin, you can still get a moderate increase from popular ingredients in HGH supplements. However, your results will be minimal in comparison to an AstraGin-containing supplement.

Panax Ginseng

The cold, mountainous regions of Northeast China and Russia are home to this healthful herb. It has a number of different benefits for the human body, and has been an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. Some of its benefits aren't directly related to improving HGH, but are worth hearing about nonetheless. But rest assured, Panax ginseng will help you produce more growth hormone as well.

There are several ways in which Panax ginseng is great for your overall brain health, in addition to stimulating more growth hormone. For starters, some studies show that it has the ability to improve your overall mood. People who take ginseng show improvements in calmness and, at a certain dose, improved cognitive function. Some research hints that ginseng can also be a therapeutic treatment for brain diseases such as Alzheimer's. In similar studies, scientists also noticed that ginseng is great for healing ulcers and reducing adrenal fatigue. This improvement in digestion helps people get more healthful nutrients into their diet, such as the capsaicin found in spicy food. Furthermore, combating adrenal fatigue is important for keeping your energy levels high. Low energy is the number one excuse people have for skipping the gym and remaining sedentary. It can also lead you to make unhealthy food choices in an effort to get an energy boost from high-calorie foods.

Of course, the main reason to take Panax ginseng is its ability to boost HGH levels. It all starts with ginseng's ability to improve blood flow to the brain and enhance overall cognitive function. Once there, ginseng goes on to stimulate brain function on a cellular level. This includes all the different portions of your brain, your pituitary gland included. This is important because your pituitary regulates when and how much HGH your body produces. The presence of Panax ginseng stimulates your pituitary to operate at maximum efficiency, ensuring that your body produces optimal levels of growth hormone.

Astragalus Root

Astragalus root may not be the most well-known herb when it comes to increasing HGH levels, but that isn't an accurate determining factor with regard to its effectiveness. Like ginseng, Astragalus is a natural botanical extract with many different health benefits for your body, in addition to growth hormone production.

Most botanical extracts contain a combination of natural compounds which are great for your health: polysaccharides, saponins, and flavonoids. Astragalus root is one of the few botanicals which contains all three, and in significant quantities. It helps improve your immune response, especially your T-cells. Meanwhile, it also calms down the chronic inflammatory response which often leads to autoimmune diseases. But that's not all it can do. Certain tumors, especially when it comes to liver disease, are easier to fight when Astragalus is thrown into the mix. Don't be mistaken - it isn't an alternative homeopathic cure for cancer. But when combined with traditional western medicine chemotherapy treatments, it can help reduce the tumor's drug resistance.

But the real reason you're probably reading this right now is to find out how, exactly, Astragalus can enhance growth hormone production. It contains a whole host of flavonoids that increase cell signaling throughout your body. Part of that signaling involves the improvement of your cardiovascular system. It reduces unhealthy blood pressure while enhancing blood supply to all tissues in your body, including the heart and the brain. Furthermore, Astragalus signals your cells to produce the health benefits we've talked about already, and it also helps signal cells in the brain to operate on a more efficient level. Like ginseng, this stimulation has direct effects on the pituitary. Its ability to stimulate blood flow helps it deliver BCAAs, whether from your diet or an HGH supplement, more efficiently to where they are needed most.

Combining Panax Ginseng and Astragalus Root

One HGH supplement producer has recognized the effectiveness of these two extracts when it comes to growth hormone production. And, thanks to science, they have combined the two into a proprietary ingredient that makes them up to 5 times more effective than they would be alone, even if they were included separately in the same HGH supplement.

Because AstraGin is a proprietary ingredient, you can't find it in most stores or in other popular growth hormone formulas. But you can find it in a supplement called Ultra Edge XL. You can also find a good mix of essential BCAAs in the same formula, which all work synergistically with AstraGin to produce higher levels of HGH in your body. Best of all, you get all of these benefits for an affordable price. Feel free to check out our review of Ultra Edge XL, along with other growth hormone supplements, in order to see what increased growth hormone levels can do for you.