Human growth hormone supplements on the market today usually contain long, confusing lists of ingredients with little to no explanation of what each does. While each brand of HGH supplement contains its own combination of HGH or HGH stimulators such as amino acid stacks, it is difficult to know what should be and should not be included and how to evaluate two products with different ingredients against one another. One ingredient that you will find included in many of the better human growth hormone supplements is called GABA, or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid. While many human growth hormone supplements on the market overlook this ingredient, GABA serves an important purpose in the overall effectiveness of HGH products and should not be left out.

What is GABA?

GABA, in short, is neurotransmitter that aids in the uptake and passage of hormones in the body. Human growth hormone supplements include ingredients designed to stimulate the pituitary gland to release naturally occurring human growth hormone. GABA assists in this process by increasing plasma hormones and making the flow of hormones more efficient throughout the system. GABA also itself stimulates the pituitary gland to release HGH. Additionally, GABA receptors within the body, when stimulated, produce a calming effect and general sense of well being.

A multipurpose ingredient, GABA not only produces positive effects on its own, but boosts the effectiveness of other active ingredients included in many human growth hormone products. On its own, GABA has been shown to increase the production of HGH dramatically, especially when taken at night. The calming effects provide for improved sleep while allowing the glands within the body to work during this period of rest to take advantage of the benefits of HGH.

Side Effects of HGH with GABA

While commercially available HGH products have been shown to have little to no adverse side effects, supplements that include GABA are slightly different that supplements that do not contain it as an ingredient. Since one of the main benefits of GABA is improved and more restful sleep cycles, users of supplements containing GABA have occasionally reported an increase of vivid dreams. Very occasionally, tingling is experienced around the head and neck directly after taking HGH with GABA. A small number of people have experienced an increase in heart rate or change in breathing patterns when beginning a course of HGH with GABA. None of these side effects are harmful or lasting, fading within the first day or two of an HGH with GABA regimen.

Cost of HGH with GABA

Surprisingly, even with GABA being such a powerful ingredient that is not included in all human growth hormone supplements, the price of HGH with GABA as compared to a product without GABA is not significantly different. As with most HGH supplements, prices vary depending on manufacturer, with a range that generally extends from $20 to $80, with outliers on both ends. Of course, when shopping for HGH supplements and HGH releasers, price is not the only concern, and higher consideration should be given to those supplements that list GABA among their ingredients.

Best HGH supplements with GABA

As with any new product, be sure to choose not only based on cost, but also on customer service and return policies, as not all supplements work for all individuals as well as they might like. Choosing a human growth hormone product that contains GABA is a worthwhile investment, as they are not significantly more expensive though they do provide a much greater return on investment.