L-Arginine and HGH Levels

L-Arginine is an amino acid that’s basic function is to essentially gets rid of waste products within the body. L-Arginine occurs naturally within the body and can also be found in many different kinds of nuts, as well as nutritional supplements designed to increase the production of the Human Growth Hormone, also known as The Fountain of Youth.

What is L-Arginine?

The body produces L-Arginine, an amino acid naturally, however there are some situations and medical conditions in which an L-Arginine deficiency may arise, but these are the exception rather than the rule. Within the body, L-Arginine is responsible, in several different ways, for the removal of waste from the body. L-Arginine is necessary for the creation of urea, which is what is created when waste proteins are broken down and expelled via protein. L-Arginine is also necessary for the creation of creatine, which is required for building muscle, and also for the removal of creatinine, the waste product created through the muscle building process. Basically, L-Arginine makes sure all of the construction materials get safely taken away once building and creation are done.

L-Arginine benefits

The “garbage truck” role of L-Arginine may not sound especially beneficial outside of the above-listed jobs at first, but that is not the case at all. Those jobs do expand to some extremely beneficial side effects. L-Arginine has been shown to help prevent infection in patients with illnesses or injuries, like burns, that may cause slow or otherwise impeded healing. Also, evidence has shown L-Arginine to give relief to sufferers of both blood clots and migraines, along with other positive effects on potential heart disease and the circulatory system.

Aside from urgent medical uses, one of the most attractive benefits of L-Arginine are those benefits on the circulatory system and how they may affect sexual health and performance. For men and HGH benefits, there is evidence that L-Arginine has had a positive effect on erectile function, increasing erection strength and hardness. L-Arginine is said also to increase sexual desire and stamina, as well as overall performance.

How L-Arginine affects HGH

It is obvious why it is of interest to so many people how L-Arginine effects HGH levels. It is well known that as HGH levels decline in middle age, so too do sexual stamina, libido and other areas of sexual performance. It is also known that L-Arginine has been shown to have several different beneficial effects on sexual performance. As an amino acid, L-Arginine functions as a neurotransmitter that signals the pituitary gland to ramp up production of HGH. When higher levels of L-Arginine are introduced into the body, higher levels of HGH result. There is a direct relationship between L-Arginine and HGH.

Since L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid, the body will always naturally produce just what it needs, regardless of your HGH desires. There is no harm, however, in introducing extra L-Arginine into the body through the use of an HGH supplement. If you choose to take an HGH supplement with the intent of boosting HGH production, L-Arginine is a safe ingredient, found naturally within your body that has been demonstrated to encourage the production of your own natural HGH.