HGH Stimulators in HGH Supplements

While expensive and painful HGH injections deliver human growth hormone directly to the blood stream, most human growth hormone supplements on the market today rely on HGH stimulators to fight the signs of aging and aid in the effectiveness of exercise routines and healthy diet. HGH stimulators are ingredients, usually amino acids, hormones and other natural ingredients, that stimulate the pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone, raising the levels of human growth hormone within the body to levels previously found only in youth. An amino acid stack of HGH stimulators is found in many human growth hormone supplements, though the particular ingredients included in each supplement vary greatly. Below, several HGH stimulators, common human growth hormone supplement ingredients, are explained.


Arginine is a multitasker of an amino acid and pairs well with other HGH stimulators. In addition to ridding the body of ammonia, Arginine is also instrumental in the creation of creatine, other amino acids, and, when needed, can even be converted to glucose. Arginine's inclusion in human growth hormone supplements, however, is due to its effectiveness as an HGH stimulant. Arginine aids in the production of growth hormones necessary to create the benefits promised by HGH supplements. Arginine has been proven to increase the levels of human growth hormone in the bloodstream after both injection and oral delivery, making it an ideal ingredient for inclusion in HGH supplements relying on HGH stimulators for active ingredients.


Alone, Lysine is not a powerful player among HGH stimulators. However, it is often included as an ingredient in many HGH supplements, because when combined with other HGH stimulators, it becomes extremely effective. When listed among the ingredients in a human growth hormone supplement, Lysine is usually paired with Arginine. Together, these two HGH stimulators are as much as ten times more effective than just Arginine by itself. Essentially, Lysine functions as a booster to Arginine to make a powerful HGH stimulator. When included in an HGH supplement, Lysine (with Arginine) has been shown to produce one of the more desirable benefits of human growth hormone supplements. Studies have shown that this combination of HGH stimulators increases the flow of growth factors, benefiting the health and effectiveness of the immune system and making the body more resistant to illness and disease than it otherwise would be as we age.


Valine is an essential amino acid when evaluating HGH stimulators, needed to aid in muscle development. The hormones released by Valine aid in the recovery and healing of muscles required after strenuous workouts. Valine will most often be found among HGH stimulators in supplements tailored specifically towards bodybuilders and professional athletes. By speeding the recovery of muscles, lean muscle develops much more quickly. The more lean muscle a body has, the more fat burning power that body possesses. The inclusion of Valine in the amino acid stack of a human growth hormone supplement is specifically to release the hormones required for those engaging in high levels of daily exercise with an eye towards quick, efficient muscle development. As one of several HGH stimulators, Valine is not the most common ingredient found in HGH products, as different supplements are best for different uses. However, if the goal desired from a human growth hormone supplement is quick results from weight lifting and vigorous exercise, an HGH supplement with Valine included among its list of HGH stimulators would be the correct purchase.