Growth Factor Complex in HGH Products

Growth factor complex, an inclusion in many commercially available human growth hormone products, is often an important ingredient in human growth hormone products. The benefits of growth factor complex and employed through the inclusion of several specific ingredients in human growth hormone products, designed to increase production of growth factor complex along with other HGH ingredients. Growth factor complex increases muscle growth, testosterone production in men, and a boost in the function of the immune system, among other benefits. Ingredients designed to harness the power of growth factor complex are listed below, with a short explanation of the effects of each.


GABA, or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, is an extremely beneficial ingredient in the effectiveness of growth factor complex in HGH products. The ingredients in human growth hormone products that are designed to stimulate the pituitary and produce HGH and growth factor complex reach the appropriate glands through neurotransmitters. GABA improves the passage of these neurotransmitters throughout the body, increasing the effectiveness of the human growth hormone ingredients included in the product. GABA also improves hormone levels in plasma, moving hormones through the body more efficiently. An important supporting player, the effectiveness of many human growth hormone products relies on the inclusion of GABA. No matter how good the combination of ingredients in an HGH product may be, they are still reliant upon the body to deliver them to the proper locations and act appropriately upon the pituitary gland. GABA makes this process much more efficient by enhancing the function of neurotransmitters for a more effective utilization of human growth hormone releaser ingredients.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is commonly found in human growth hormone products that do not solely target bodybuilders and professional athletes, but also the average person looking to reduce or reverse the signs of again. Alpha GPC increases production of growth factor complex known to aid in nerve growth. As such, Alpha GPC is the ingredient responsible for many of the mental benefits of human growth hormone products. The growth factor complex encouraged by Alpha GPC has many cognitive benefits such as improved mental focus, sharpness and memory. In promoting the release of growth factor complex benefiting nerves, Alpha GPC has also been shown to benefit suffers of Alzheimer's or strokes, demonstrating the powerful abilities of this ingredient. While most people in the market for commercially available human growth hormone products are not victims of these afflictions, the aging process does include a decline in cognitive ability, whether or not it is as extreme as strokes or other neurological difficulties. Alpha GPC is a powerful tool in halting and reversing this decline.

L-Dopa Bean Extract

L-Dopa Bean Extract is another supporting element of growth factor complex that functions as a booster to other ingredients. In addition to supporting hormone release within the body, L-Dopa Bean Extract is a natural ingredient found in the velvet bean. It is an amino acid that serves as the precursor to dopamine, which research has shown to be an essential ingredient in mental health and well being. Research has shown that L-Dopa Bean Extract is a proven human growth hormone product, effective through supplements in increasing plasma hormones as well. An important inclusion in growth factor complex, this naturally occurring ingredient supports the efforts of other human growth hormone releasers within HGH products. Sometimes known as Mucuna Pruriens, L-Dopa Bean Extract is also effective in improvement in skin texture, sleep habits and muscle tone.